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Welcome to the main course of My Itchy Travel Feet’s progressive site design party celebrating our new look. Can you guess what Alan and I are serving? That’s right the reason you come here in the first place—our articles about active boomer travel.

Content is the meat and potatoes of this site. Although the new design makes it all look pretty and the information is easier to find, articles at My Itchy Travel Feet aren’t going to change in their quality or scope; in fact, we’re constantly working to improve them. What’s our publishing philosophy? Let me explain:

The articles that you read here are based upon our first-person experiences (and the first-person experiences of guest writers) so that you can decide for yourself if a particular travel activity, destination, cruise, acommodation or restaurant is right for you. Although articles are written to appeal to a boomer audience, active travelers of any age will enjoy the experiences that we publish.

My Itchy Travel Feet isn’t about us—it’s about you.

But it’s more than first-hand stories.  My Itchy Travel Feet isn’t about us—it’s about you. We fact check the details, research for further information that you should know and include reference links to take the article to a deeper level to help in planning your next trip. We want our words to get you up off the couch and out exploring the world.


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The look of the articles remains the same, including the larger sized photos that we started using last year. Social media buttons are at the end of each article. If you enjoyed reading and think it’s worth sharing with others, then please consider tweeting, liking on Facebook, pinning a photo to Pinterest or any of the other choices provided in the social buttons. Are you curious about the photos at the end of an article? Click on them to view related content.


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Although the design of the articles is the same, we have redesigned the sidebar to make it less cluttered and more focused on the traveler. Social buttons are at the top in case you would like to follow us. Next, there’s a small introduction about who we are followed by an opportuity to subscribe to the newsletter.


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Photos come next that link to some of our best content. Think of it as an ad for a colleciton of articles like boomer adventures in Hawaii or a road trip in California. Watch this space as we’ll be rotating the travel inspiration depending on the time of year.

Of course the AZVoices badge is on the sidebar. We’re proud that Arizona Republic syndicates selections from My Itchy Travel Feet content at AZVoices. And, below that is our Facebook like box. You do like us, right? There’s a bit more room on the sidebar so keep checking to see what we add to help in your travel research.

Can you think of anything we’ve left off of the sidebar? Do our articles explain what you need to know? What new topics should we add? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email with your comments or questions.

Are you late to the party? Read what you missed in the appetizer and salad courses.

There’s one more course in our progressive site design party. Stay tuned for dessert.

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