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Appreciating the extras

2013/01/22by Donna Hull


Do you like our new home page?

It’s time for dessert! We’re at the end of the progressive site design party that explains the features of our new look. Dessert is that sweet extra that tops off a fine meal. And, Alan and I think that improved visuals are the dessert at My Itchy Travel Feet. You could say that the slider on the home page should be included, but we’ve already told you about that in the appetizer article introducing the site makeover. I think the themed pages are cool looking (I wrote about them as part of the salad course). And the content ads on the sidebar of articles certainly qualifies, but I introduced those when explaining the article pages (main course). However, there are still a few items that you haven’t met: boomer travel tips  and author box.


One of the new visuals is the beige box with the cute foot logo that you’ll see in some of our articles. It contains a boomer travel tip with additional information that’s worth noting. No, we haven’t gone back through our article archive to add all of them yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime, all new articles will include the boomer travel tip box, so be on the lookout.


For a long time, we’ve wanted to give more publicity to our guest writers. Now, we have an author’s box to draw attention to who they are. The gray green box at the end of articles tells you who wrote the article and a little about their other work. It also includes a photo of the writer. And, if you click the byline at the top of the article, it will direct you to the authors box. It’s going to take a bit of catching up before we add author boxes for all of our previous guest writers so be patient.

Obviously Alan and I did not have the technical skills to create our new look. Andy Hayes and his staff redesigned My Itchy Travel Feet’s site including the innovative features that we’ve been telling you about. Andy was instrumental in helping us think about how we wanted My Itchy Travel Feet to look and feel as well as guiding us through an assessment of our business practices. We owe a BIG thank you to Andy.

Now, we need to hear from you. Which part of the design is your favorite? Are we missing anything? Please post a comment to let us know. As Alan and I have said before, this site isn’t about us—it’s about what you need to know for your next active boomer trip.

Just in case you missed it, the rest of the progressive site design party: appetizersalad and main course.

A boomer travel and lifestyle authority who is exploring the world one activity at a time. Besides writing and publishing My Itchy Travel Feet, she also writes about boomer travel for My Well-Being Powered by Humana, Make It Missoula and is the author of New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure.

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