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Win a pair of Kuru Shoes in the 2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser

It’s that time of year again and My Itchy Travel Feet is so proud to participate once more in the annual Passport with Purpose fundraiser. We are truly honored to work with this great organization and to be among so many other incredible bloggers who take part as well.

2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser. Bid to win a Kuru Footwear gift certificate. Your money goes to provide e-readers in Western Kenya

2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser will raise funds for Worldreader, a nonprofit bringing libraries and literacy to Western Kenya.

This year, we will be raising funds for a great literacy-based organization. Worldreader is a nonprofit organization that is determined to bring digital books to families around the wold. They are currently working in 60 countries, providing not only digital readers to communities, but also building libraries and creating educational programs and comprehensive training for the librarians. And to ensure that the e-readers will work under any circumstances, the program uses solar energy to keep the e-readers charged if electricity is spotty or non-existent.

Funds raised by Passport for Purpose this year will help Worldreader bring digital reading to five libraries in western Kenya. The funds will provide e-readers to an estimated 6,250 children, teachers and parents and access to more than 50,000 books.

Why is this so important?

According to UNESCO, 781 million adults and 126 million youths – 3 out of 5 of them girls – can neither read nor write. Literacy is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty and books are critical to improving literacy. But in Africa as many as 50 percent of all schools have few or no books.

It’s 2015. Let’s fix these statistics, shall we?

My Itchy Travel Feet’s 2015 Prize

Win a Kuru Footwear gift certificate in the 2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser

Thanks to Kuru Footwear for partnering with My Itchy Travel Feet

This year, we are extremely happy to be working with Kuru Footwear again. Donna loves her Kuru’s and since reviewing them for the first time in 2009, has sworn by their durability and comfort. We’re not kidding when we say these shoes could be called the perfect travel shoe. Be sure to check out Donna’s latest review of the Aalto Chukkar Boot.

How does the fundraiser work?

Passports with Purpose fundraiser kicks off on November 8, 2015. By bidding just $10.00, you will be in the running to win the My Itchy Travel Feet Prize or any number of fantastic prizes on offer this year.

To see the awesome list of prizes, visit the Passports with Purpose site and start bidding! For each $10 in donations that you make, you will be entered to win a prize (or prizes) of your choice. Once again, the fundraiser begins on November 8th and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Worldreader for the construction of five libraries in Western Kenya.

2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser provides free e-readers to students in Western Kenya

2015 Passports With Purpose fundraiser

And a big THANK YOU goes to Kuru Footwear for partnering with My Itchy Travel Feet to provide a prize for Passports With Purpose this year!

*Travel providers, please contact me if you would like to team up with My Itchy Travel Feet to sponsor a prize in next year’s Passports With Purpose fund drive.


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