7 Golden Oldies: Blog Posts From the Past

“Tag, you’re it.” One of my favorite active travel boomers, Leigh McAdam from Hike Bike Travel, tagged me yesterday in a game of internet tag. Sponsored by TripBase, the goal of this project is to bring back to life older posts that new readers might not have seen. A blogger writes his or her list of 7 posts from the past, then nominates 5 more travel bloggers to take part. Keep reading to see my nominations at the end of this post.

Most Popular

I consulted Google Analytics to make sure that I was bringing back our most popular post. And what is it? Traveling In My Kuru Shoes. My conclusion? Baby boomers must really like to shop for shoes. Hey, Kuru, look at all the good karma we’re sending you. Shouldn’t your name be on our Sponsor Page?

Most Beautiful

Now this category is more subjective. If you’re a regular boomer reader, then you know that I’ll be turning to Saturday’s scene and one of Alan’s wonderful photos for my choice. Every time I view this misty scene in Thomas Bay that Alan shot on our InnerSea Discoveries adventure cruise, I can feel the Alaska wilderness waking up. No, I’m not going to post the photo here. The point is for you to click the link and visit one of our older posts.

Most Helpful

I turned to our survivor series for this choice. If there’s a baby boomer cruise in your future, heed the advice from Nine Tips For Surviving A Cruise Bus Excursion. You’re going to need it.

Most Controversial


If you’ve been visiting My Itchy Travel Feet for any length of time, then you know that we’re not a controversial blog. Negativity is not our game. Alan and I approach travel blogging with a “yes, you can do that” mission for encouraging boomers to get up off the couch and go. About the most controversial post I’ve ever written was Disappointment at China’s Great Wall. So what was the controversy? As a travel writer, I should have done my research to know what to expect at the Great Wall. Then, I wouldn’t have been disappointed. My excuse? I was on a cruise excursion and had no idea where they would be taking us along the wall. However, some digging would have educated me. My bad.

Most Surprising Success

Aside from the fact that a shoe post is my most popular, who knew that so many readers would be enthused about Nutella? Nutella Quesadillas With Black Cherry Compote from my stay at Casa Magna Marriott in Cancun is another popular post. Yes, I included the recipe.

Deserved More Attention


We’re an informational blog publishing travel details for baby boomers so that they can plan their own boomer trip. But every so often, I miss writing narrative non-fiction pieces. I couldn’t resist publishing Coming Home to the Beat of a Baby Boomer Band about an all woman boomer band that we discovered in Tehachapi, California on our return home from a coastal California sports car road trip. Please give it a little social media love.

Most Proud Of


Here’s a secret — it takes me hours to write a post. I’m a perfectionist who wants to make sure that the facts are correct, that I’ve given you enough information to make the post worth reading, that the photos are the best they can be and that typos and spelling or grammatical errors have been corrected, right down to the captions and descriptions in the photos. My goal is to be proud of every post, which I meet 95% of the time. So this one is hard to choose. Hmm…let me see…I’m digging way back in the archives…to…June 16, 2008…Hiking Plateau Mountain.

Now, it’s time for me to tag the next 5 travel bloggers:

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