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home-page-approach-guides-wineDrinking wine while traveling the world is a fun way to learn about a country and its culture. But how do you choose from a list of wines printed in another language with grapes or appellations that are unfamiliar to you? Baby boomers traveling to Italy and Spain now have a secret weapon — Approach Guides Wine app for iPhone and iTouch (works with iPad too).

Jennifer and David Raezer (who are also authors of the popular Approach Guides series of cultural travel guides) designed this handy app that downloads to your iPhone or iTouch. The database currently includes wine information for Italy and Spain, with plans to add Chile and Argentina soon. Baby boomers will especially appreciate that they don’t have to be connected to the internet to access the Approach Guides Wine information. But the beauty of the application is the strategy the Raezer’s have developed for choosing a wine.

From the Home Screen, select grape variety, style, food pairing or region to begin your search (there are no specific bottle reviews). No matter where you start, you’ll eventually end up with a list of grape varieties. Each grape profile includes the wine style, tasting notes and information on the regions where the grape is grown. You’ll also discover food pairings plus vintage ratings, based upon the Raezer’s independent research.

This video from Approach Guides Wine explains the process:

I found the Approach Guides Wine app simple to use. A guide on the Home Screen provides directions for using the app plus an icon key. And any time an “i” appears in the upper right-hand corner of a page, more explanation is available. A feature also allows users to email tasting notes or share with friends on Facebook or Twitter (of course you’ll need an internet connection).

As Approach Guides Wine adds more regions to the database, existing customers receive free incremental country releases. Next to be added—Chile and Argentina.

Alan and I can’t wait to try out the Approach Guides Wine app on a trip to Northern Italy later this year. Of course it will also come in handy at our local Italian restaurant.

Disclosure: Approach Guides Wine provided me with a free download for review.

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