Making Technology a Part of Your Travel Planning

donna-hull-freelance-writerAre you a boomer techie who’s been zooming around the internet for years? Or, are you just beginning to dip those baby boomer toes into the tech waters? According to Mashable, boomers are embracing digital media. Personally, that’s no surprise to me. But the post makes it sound as if we’re just discovering technology. Do you agree? Or have we been underestimated when it comes to our technology use?

My biggest interest in technology is how to use it to research travel destinations, find the best values and how to use it while on the road to post photos and upload blog posts or create travel journals. Do you take advantage of technology when planning your baby boomer trips? It should make our lives less complicated, right? But the choices can be mind numbing, especially for boomers who are tech novices. So, where do you find expert advice? Today’s post will give you a couple of options to make technology work for you.

Follow a Tech Expert’s Advice

The The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers, by Anil Polat, is an E-book (you can downloads it to your Kindle or iPad for easy reading) chock full of advice for both technology novices and more tech savvy travelers. And Anil should know. Although he’s currently a full-time travel blogger, his previous occupation hacking computers as a computer security consultant prepared him well for advising about technology and travel.

In The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers, the boomer tech novice will learn about choosing a computer for the road, where to find free software for editing photos or recording journals, e-reader advice and how to safeguard the information on your computer. More advanced users will appreciate Anil’s expert information on backing up data in the cloud or how to connect online from anywhere.

Would you like your own personal technology expert? The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers offers an opportunity that you won’t find in other how to books. Along with your purchase, Anil includes 6 months of free tech support plus a year of free updates. An expert to email with my tech travel questions? That’s worth the price of the book. Also, be sure to check out the tech category at Fox Nomad, Anil’s blog about smart travel.

Make the iPad Work For You

Are you a baby boomer who owns an iPad? I sure appreciate mine. Learning how to use my iPad for travel planning and keeping in touch while I’m on a trip is high on my list. Shane over at TC Geeks has published a post reviewing an Apple travel adapter kit, Apple camera connector kit plus 9 apps in his IPad Spring and Summer 2011 Travel Guide. The review includes one of my favorites, Kayak HD, but you can bet that this compulsive boomer packer will be checking out the Packing (+ To Do) app for less than $1. Friendly for Facebook is another app that even non-traveling boomers will want to try out on their iPads.

Baby boomer travel tip: Kayak HD (hey, it’s free) is my first choice for researching flights. Now, boomers can also book hotels directly from the Kayak app. Mobile travel planning just got a whole lot easier.

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