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People are talking about My Itchy Travel Feet. Oh yes they are. And we like to talk travel too. Do you need a baby boomer travel expert to quote in your article? Donna Hull’s your gal. Need someone to write that baby boomer travel article? She can do that. Contact Donna for your media needs.

Who’s talking about My Itchy Travel Feet?

CNN Travel featured Alan and Donna in an article about adventure travel for baby boomers.

A BBC video article about high-tech ways to pass the time in the airport says that you should check out My Itchy Travel Feet. Be patient, you’ll have to watch all the way to the end to find our mention.

Second Act suggested that “boomer women traveling alone can get good advice at My Itchy Travel Feet blog.”

Consumer Affairs included us as a resource in 11 Travel Tips for Boomers.

At Budget Travel’s blog, My Itchy Travel Feet was mentioned as one of the solo travel websites for mature women.


And there’s more…


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Cowper highlights our niche marketing in How small travel companies can work with bloggers to promote their brands at My Blogging Journey.

At The Lost Girls, Kathryn Robinson named us to The Best of Travel in Social Media saying, “I may not be a baby boomer but reading this got my own feet itchy for travel.”

The Globe Gazette says that My Itchy Travel Feet is “an interesting take on travel,” in their review of baby boomer blogs.

Sonia Saraf of Tours4Fun wrote about her online crush for us. She calls My Itchy Travel Feet “a revelation in travel for baby boomers.”

When Melanie Haiken at Health*Conscious*Travel included My Itchy Travel Feet on her Top 5 Travel Blogs for 2010, she said, “Donna Hull doesn’t skimp on tips; she lays out everything an active 40-something traveler could ask for to plan an adventurous or educational trip.”

Dr. Jessie Voigt of Wandering Educators says, My Itchy Travel Feet is an incredible travel site that focuses on travel for baby boomers. However, I think *anyone* would love digging into her extensive site. She writes so compellingly of the trips she has taken that you just want to go along with her.”

When Carlomar Daoana, editor of CommuniTrip chose My Itchy Travel Feet as one of the 10 most inspiring travel sites, he said, “Your site was included for its relevant content, wonderful design and immediate connection to readers.”

Maryan Pelland at Women Day by Day says, “Donna says in her header that her target audience is baby boomers. I like that – the fact that she sees the world from my generation’s perspective.”


Where’s Donna talking travel?

Yahoo Voices named us one of the 10 Best Blogs for Baby Boomers in 2011.

At Hike Bike Travel, Donna shared her favorite places to stay.

In an interview with Go!Overseas, Donna talks about the challenges of travel blogging.

Disney Family Travel quoted Donna in an article about keeping up with airport security rules.

At The Positive Living(TM)Network on Blogtalk radio, Donna talked with Patricia Raskin about, you guessed it, baby boomer travel.

How did My Itchy Travel Feet come to be? Donna tells her blog story to Dr. Jessie Voigts at Wandering Educators.

Want to learn about Donna’s travel writing life? She shares her experiences with Guido at Happy Hotelier.


How does My Itchy Travel Feet compare?

The Bloomington Post named us to their Top 12 Boomer Blogs for 2012. listed My Itchy Travel Feet in the Top 50 Independent Travel Blogs and Bloggers for 2010.

TripBase named My Itchy Travel Feet to the top ten travel blogs for North America in 2009.

Travel Pod publishes an ongoing list of the top 100 travel blogs at My Itchy Travel Feet consistently ranks in the top 50. listed the101 Most Awesome Adventure & Travel Twitterers You Should Be Following.” Donna ranks #49. Follow her on twitter to learn about baby boomers, travel and fun.

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