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Google Currents on iPad

So you’re sitting at the airport (in the doctor’s office, at the car repair lounge, in the grocery store line), browsing your favorite boomer travel blog (My Itchy Travel Feet—right?) on an Android, iPhone, Tablet or iPad. Did you know there’s an easier way to read content online? Download Google Currents.


Google Currents on Android phone

This free app displays content in an easy-to-read magazine style. And, so far, it is the only content aggregation app designed for all devices. Yes, there’s Flipboard, a free iPad/iPhone app that is quite elegant, but unfortunately it leaves Android users out.

Many big-time publishers offer their content for free on Google Currents including Smithsonian, one of my favorite boomer sites—Second Act, Forbes,, Fodor’s Travel and many more. Of course high-level blogs are featured, too; plus you can import any blog feed from Google Reader.

Content is divided into channels like Business, Entertainment, News and so on. You’ll find travel content in the Lifestyle Channel, although that topic deserves a channel of its own, in my opinion. However, you won’t see My Itchy Travel Feet or many of your other favorite boomer blogs listed in the channels. It takes 200 subscribers before Google will consider listing a blog in a channel or marking it as a recommended choice.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, if you don’t find your favorite content in the channels, use the search function. Key in the blog’s name and it should appear. My Itchy Travel Feet shows up under our name and also if you key in the word “boomer travel”

Take a look at this snazzy video for an example of how Google Currents works:

Would you like to see My Itchy Travel Feet listed in the Lifestyle channel? Once we have 200 subscribers, Google will consider including us. So download Google Currents and subscribe to My Itchy Travel Feet. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can even subscribe to us from your laptop or PC. It will be on your app the next time you synch the device. Here’s a great big THANK YOU in advance.

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