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Turn your iPhone or iTouch Into a Hands-Free Viewing Device

iTouch-case-idoxBaby boomers, have you found yourself crammed into an airline seat recently? No wonder some of your seat mates have resorted to viewing videos on an iPhone or iTouch. Who has room to use a laptop on an airplane these days? But, holding an iPhone or iTouch for the entire flight isn’t fun either. Let me introduce you to a solution.

The idox Traveler Series is a case for an iPhone, iTouch or iPod Nano. The hard case not only provides protection, it also turns into a stand. No more holding your device for the entire flight. And, rubber feet on the bottom of the stand keep the case in place so it won’t slip on your seat tray.

The folks at idox sent me one of the silver cases (it also comes in black or pink) to try with my iTouch. Now, I’m not the most mechanically inclined, but sliding my iTouch into the case proved to be fairly easy. Although, I have to really pry the lid to open it; at least I know it’s not going to flip open when not in use.

idox-case-closedI like the sleek look of the case, with a finish that doesn’t show fingerprints. It provides adequate protection for the iTouch except on the ends so I’ll be careful when storing it in my purse or travel backpack.

My only complaint is the price of $34.95. I’d like to see that come down a bit. However, for now, idox is offering free shippping.

Want to know what other reviewers think of the idox?

The next time I’m traveling, I’m going to download the Kindle app for iTouch. You’ll find me sitting on the plane, with my iTouch placed in the idox case, reading away — hands free.

Also, when we cruise with Regent, there are no alarm clocks in the cabin. Now that we have an idox, we’ll use our iTouch as the alarm clock.

Long time baby boomer readers, you know where this is going. To win an  idox, tell me what you’ll be viewing after placing your iTouch, iPhone or ipod Nano in the case. Enter the contest by leaving your comment at the end of this post. Please include your email address for contact purposes. Contest ends on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 11:00 p.m. Arizona Mountain Standard Time. Winner will be announced as soon as possible. Remember, according to my general contest rules, the winner must be a U.S. resident and respond within 48 hours of receiving the notification email; or I chose another winner.

idox provided the idox case for iTouch for this review.

UPDATE: March 16, 2010, 11:01 p.m.. This contest has expired. As soon as the winner acknowledges receipt of my email, I’ll make the announcement.

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