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Getting around: how to navigate our new site design


Do you like our new home page?

Welcome back to our progressive site design party. Today, we’re serving the second course—salad—the nutritional foundation for any meal. So it is with the navigational menu and footer at My Itchy Travel Feet. They’re the two elements of our site that will take you where you want to go. Think of it as a visit to the salad bar where you pick and choose what ends up in the bowl. Choosing from the options on the menu and footer is the easiest way to find what you need at My Itchy Travel Feet.


Menu bar at My Itchy Travel Feet

Navigating the menu bar

In our new design, the menu bar (found at the top of the site on the Home page and all of the other pages and posts at My Itchy Travel Feet) is for our readers. You won’t find any site business here (that’s in the footer). What will you find on the menu bar? If you’re curious about who we are and how My Itchy Travel Feet came to be, you’ll want to click the About tab. Keep reading to learn about the other navigational functions on the menu bar.


An example of one of the new Themed pages at My Itchy Travel Feet

Researching top content by theme

Do you now what type of trip you want to take but need ideas on where to go? Themed Trips is for you. It lists our very best content by theme:  active travel, boomer road trips, bucket list trips, cruise excursions, luxury cruise reviews, national park adventures, off-the-beaten-path trips, romantic getaways and small group tours. This one’s a work in progress. Because the themes contain a hand-curated list of  travel ideas, including remarks from us on why you might want to go on the same trip that we took, it’s taking awhile to create them. Be patient. It will be worth the wait.

Using the destinations tab for travel inspiration

The Destinations tab is another work in progress. Originally, we had planned a drop-down menu listing destinations by continent, country, and in the case of the United States, by state. Since we’ve published articles that cover 7 continents, 59 countries and 27 states, the drop-down became unwieldly and impossible to read on mobile devices like iPads. So, back to the drawing board we go. Soon, the destinations tab will take you to a landing page that will list all the continents and regions with clickable areas that will drill down to countries and states. Be patient. This one’s going to take awhile, too. In the meantime, you’ll find continent and regions on the drop-down destinations tab. An easier way to find what you’re after is to enter the name of a country or state in the search bar. Go ahead, key in Montana, to see all of  the content that we’ve published on the Treasure State.

Finding travel advice on the Boomer Resources page

Would you like to find our best travel advice all in one place? It’s located on the Boomer Resources page. Another work in progress, this page contains our best boomer travel advice along with links to other sites and resources that we use in our own travel planning. So far, we’ve gathered our best advice for road trips and cruises but there’s much more to come. For now, you’ll also find a link to the gear that we personally use on the Amazon Travel Store page under Gear (scheduled for a revision and new look) at the end of Boomer Resources.

Learning about the rest: subscribe to the newsletter, contact us or search the site

Toward the end of the menu bar, you’ll find a Newsletter tab (have you read why you should subscribe?) and a tab for contacting us that links to a page with links to all the reasons you might want to get in touch with us. At the very end of the bar is the search box.


You’ll find business information on the footer

Working with us

Want to partner with us, submit a guest article query, view our media kit or read the fine print about contests or site policy and procedures? All of our business information is in that large gray-green box at the end of every page and post. Yes, we mean the footer. The first column is all about us —where to read our story, how to contact us or subscribe to the newsletter. The middle column is the meat of the footer with information for PR and Advertisers, a link to guest writer guidelines,  a link to media mentions and interviews, and the previously mentioned fine print. The third column displays where we’ve appeared in the media and includes another link for contacting us.

So, which item will you pick from our buffet of choices? Are you finding what you need in the menu and footer? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email with your comments or questions.

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