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Let's keep it green

Let's keep it green

Are you interested in traveling responsibly? On Earth Day 2009, I wrote about Traveling Green, listing resources to help baby boomer travelers make their trip a greener one. And, I’ve told you about eco-friendly lodging choices in Utah and Hawaii as well as locally-sourced dining.

Meet John Van Kirk, The Travel Answer Man. He has published a comprehensive list of green travel resources, categorizing them into Organizations and Associations, Travel Booking, Blogs, Information and Guides, plus Volunteering. I’ll be taking a look at the list during my travel planning. What about you?

Do you have tips for traveling the green way? Post a comment to share. I won’t stop traveling but I will do it as responsibly as I can. And remember, living responsibly at home makes the biggest difference to our planet. Sorry for the nag, but I had to do it.

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