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Statue in Peace Park in Nagasaki

From Donna:

Last week, I promised to share a few impressions of China—our third visit here. And now that we’ve exited the country, I feel safe to do so. The air pollution has worsened significantly. So if you’re planning a trip and air pollution triggers breathing problems or allergies, be sure to bring medications with you. And perhaps a breathing mask. Also, expect a large police and military presence with strict, but vicarious, immigration policies. A face to face immigration interview was required for all cruise guests before we could leave the final port of Dalian.

I don’t write these words to discourage you from visiting. In fact, everyone should see China for themselves. But get all that you can out of the visit as you may not want to return, especially if air pollution negatively affects your health.

From Nicole:

Alan and Donna said goodbye to China this week, and hello to Japan. Although they will be visiting new ports, this isn’t their first time visiting this incredible area of the world. On a previous cruise, they explored Nagasaki and Sendai. (On a personal note, I visited a few years ago and just loved Tokyo, Kyoto, and especially Nara.)

This time around, the traveling duo will be Hiroshima, Kobw, Aomori, and many others. Have you been? Make sure to share your Japan travel tips with us on our Facebook page.

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This Week’s Articles

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