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Fox Glacier in New Zealand

Visiting Fox Glacier in New Zealand is certainly a worthy bucket list item!

From Donna:

My mind naturally turns to planning travels from our bucket list in January. But, after all the cookies that I baked and sampled over the holidays, I’m also refocusing on health and fitness. You may remember that, in 2014, I purchased the Fitbit One to meet my goal of moving 10,000 steps-a-day during our One Healthy Change a Month challenge. I recently lost the One so I replaced it with a Fitbit Charge 2. Now I’m tracking so much more than steps with the intention of upping my fitness level, sleep quality and more. Stay tuned. I’ll be reporting back in late January or early February about my experience using the Charge 2. 

From Nicole:

We’ve been loading up on bucket list tales here lately and it seems like a lot of people don’t quite support the whole idea of a traveling to-do list. Whether you’re pro or against, I think that some people just find bucket lists a little intimidating. We can’t all pick up and go to far-flung places around the world whenever we get the itch and well, that can get frustrating.

However, so much can be done locally. As I spend more time exploring Spain, I realize how little of my own country I saw when I lived there. Even though I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world (according to me), I would love to go back and spend months visiting our National Parks or some of the off-the-beaten path areas can be found all throughout the US. So, before you go writing off places that you can’t get to any time soon, my advice is to explore wherever you can, even if it’s an hour outside your city. Bucket lists are for anyone and anything. The main thing is to find  new places and go exploring, right?

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This Week’s Articles

It’s a great week when we get another adventure from Antarctica. This week, Donna is reliving her time visiting Cooper Island in South Georgia.

Are you planning a winter road trip? You’ll be prepared after reading Alan’s tips for creating a winter driving kit.

Color giraffes, lions and more in Coloring the World's Wildlife, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

Color giraffes, lions and more in Coloring the World’s Wildlife, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

More Travel News for Boomers

Canada celebrates 150 years in 2017 with free admission to EVERY national park. Here’s how to download the free pass.

USA Today shows you how to send car lovers back to school.

Kara Williams at The Vacation Gals is challenging herself to 31 Days of Wellness. By participating in favorite activities like sledding, hiking and exercise classes—even massages and facials count—Kara’s putting the fun back into fitness. We like that idea!

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