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A bucket list for traveling with grandkids offers great travel advice for boomer grandparents.

If you’re thinking about taking the grandkids on a safari or other bucket list trip, start with our advice at Traveling With Grandkids.

From Donna:

Earlier this week, Alan and I returned refreshed and relaxed from a New Year getaway at Triple Creek Ranch. We took no photos. I posted nothing on social media. Instead, we enjoyed each other’s company, staying in the moment even during the spectacular fireworks display that the ranch hosts at midnight on New Year’s Eve. While it’s fun to document your travels to share with family and friends, I highly encourage you to schedule some “staying in the moment” time on your next trip. You won’t regret it.

Looking for a travel experience to add to your bucket list that you won't soon forget? Alan and I highly recommend a hot air balloon ride at the Bluff Balloon Festival in Bluff, Utah.

Looking for a travel experience to add to your bucket list that you won’t soon forget? Alan and I recommend a hot air balloon ride at the Bluff Balloon Festival in Bluff, Utah.

From Nicole:

I’m enjoying time off to celebrate a Spanish Christmas with my family and friends. See you next week!

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This Week’s Articles

Did you know that Seville, Spain, is famous for flamenco? In this week’s guest article, Kirsten Gallagher, shows us about dancing flamenco in Seville. We’re all over this boomer travel fun!

We’ve updated our list of bucket list apps to make it the best ever. And they’re fun! You really should click through to The Best Travel Bucket List Apps.

Safari pants worn over a thermal base layer work great on a winter trip. And they pack light!

Yes, I wear safari pants on cold weather trips. Worn over a thermal base layer, I stay warm and dry. If it’s really wet,I’ll put on waterproof pants over the ensemble. If you enjoy an occasional winter trip, this is the smart, budget-friendly way to outfit yourself. Check out more of Donna’s ideas at cold weather gear for women.

More Travel News for Boomers

When it comes to travel rewards credit cards, we definitely aren’t experts. But Johnny Jett is and he shares his advice in this article at Forbes.

There are benefits to going on a trip to do absolutely nothing. Bloomberg shares the best winter vacations for doing nothing.

Interested in traveling to France? Leah Walker of Leah’s Travels knows her French travel. As an ex-pat living in Paris, she should! Read Leah’s advice on the 18 best places to go in France.

Are you up on the latest boomer travel trends? Over at Luggage and Lipstick, a group of boomer travel bloggers share their advice. What did we recommend? Click through to find out: Baby Boomer Travel Trends.

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