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Making new friends at Grey Cliffs Ranch near Bozeman, Montana.

Alan made a new friend at Grey Cliffs Ranch.

From Donna:

I’m happy to report that we finally experienced road trip success. Our short getaway to Grey Cliffs Ranch near Bozeman, MT, was just what Alan and I needed. We enjoyed dining on Chef Mike’s yummy cuisine, taking long walks to work off the calories, relaxing in the hot tub and unplugging from the Internet and life. My advice—carve out time for short getaways to recharge your batteries.

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From Nicole:

Happy October, everyone! This month, we’re going to be covering Utah Travel! Why? Well, Utah has to be one of the country’s most fascinating areas. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, visiting Utah’s “The Mighty Five” should be on your travel bucket list. If you’re thinking about exploring this amazing state, check out some of our favorite memories from Utah national parks and monuments.

This Week’s Articles

Utah Travel Resources for your next trip.

Get your cameras ready! Utah is one very picturesque place! Check out our Utah Travel Resources.

This week, our guest contributor, Debi Lander, took us on a Russian adventure by telling us How to Visit St. Petersburg without a Group Tour.

And new to our Travel Guides and Travel Resources section: Discover the online resources and products that we use to plan a Utah trip. Or find inspiration by reading the articles and travel app recommendations in our Utah Travel Planning Guide.

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Don't miss the 25% ecbc luggage discount code in the My itchy Travel Feet October newsletter. Subscribe today!

Don’t miss the 25% ecbc luggage discount code in the My Itchy Travel Feet October newsletter. Subscribe today!

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