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Tremiti Islands sea view

Not many people tend to venture out into Italian’s islands off the Adriatic coast, but these beautiful places are well worth the time it takes to get there. Check out Alan and Donna’s time visiting the Tremiti Islands.

From Donna:

Alan and I booked another cruise this week when a Seabourn 2020 Alaska itinerary called our name—plus offered several perks through the Set Sail 2019 Event. You can still get the perks, too (I don’t make any money telling you this, just a friendly heads up to my favorite boomer travelers).

Hubbard Glacier with water in front and mountains behind.

The itinerary also includes Hubbard Glacier, which is always fun to visit.

What was it about this Seabourn itinerary that appealed to us? The 14-day cruise begins and ends in Vancouver, making for easy flight arrangements. The cruise is in September, after the summer cruising crowds go home. And the itinerary travels to Glacier Bay (yay!) plus more off-the-beaten-path parts of southeastern Alaska and the Canadian Inside Passage. And Ventures by Seabourn will be on this itinerary, offering expedition-type excursions. 

We’ve booked knowing that, if something else comes along that Alan and I would rather do, we can cancel. Ships fill up fast these days. If we waited until being completely sure, our favorite cabin choices would be gone. 

Here’s my tip to you: If you’re booking a cruise far out into the future, ask your TA what happens if you cancel. How much of your deposit will you lose, if any? If the cruise company keeps a small amount of the deposit, will it be applied to your next cruise? Then mark down the “cancel by this date for a full refund (or almost full refund)” on your calendar and cancel in advance of this date. Or, better yet, take the cruise.

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From Nicole:

How is your fall going so far? This time of year is probably my favorite, although I’m sure I’ve said that about spring and summer before!. Here in Madrid, it’s just now beginning to feel like autumn, with cooler temps and falling brown leaves. And it’s even raining, which is a rarity. If you’re thinking about visiting, make sure to check out my post on how to plan a day trip to Segovia from Madrid. It’s especially beautiful this time of year!

This Week’s Articles

Known for its sophisticated cities, France is also really blessed with a vast network of hiking trails. From the gorgeous Loire Valley to its expansive coast, there something for every level of hiker. This week, guest contributor, Kirsten Gallagher is taking us on a beautiful boomer hiking adventure through the Brittany region. Don’t miss it!

It’s the time of year when cruise ships travel to Asia. If you’re cruising in Japan, Donna shares what to do if you only have one day in Nagasaki.

Updated this week

Get your motor running because we’ve updated an oldie but goodie that’s perfect for this time of year: Motorcycle Leaf Peeping in the Gorgeous Adirondacks.

Travel Deals for Boomers

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. Look what we found for this week:

Perfect holiday gift for the grandkids #ad:

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More Travel News for Boomers

If you’re looking to plan an Italian road trip, CN Traveler has a great list of the 6 Best Italian Road Trips. Of course, if you’d like some personalized information, Alan and Donna have taken amazing road trips through Italy’s Northern and Southern Regions.

Traveling to Canada? Forbes says to take these fall hikes.

Thinking about a 2020 adventure? REI features 20 of the best adventure destinations for 2020.

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