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If you’re looking for a truly incredible winter adventure, look no further than the Paws Up retreat in Montana.

From Donna:

Alan and I are staying put this Thanksgiving holiday. While we’ll miss seeing family, we won’t miss traveling on the busiest travel days of the year.

If you’re just about to head out the door, read our Holiday Travel Tips, first. And when Alan and I sit down to our turkey dinner, we’ll be sharing reasons why we’re thankful for travel. How about you? What are you thankful for in 2018?

Happy Thanksgiving!
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From Nicole:

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hiking around two beautiful chestnut and oak forests just an hour outside of Madrid. We were there with a group, led by a mycologist, to hunt for mushrooms. Unfortunately, we were experts at finding the inedible ones, but it was still loads of fun.

If you’re around Madrid this time of year, I highly recommend an excursion to El Tiemblo en Avila. It’s right at the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range and it is stunning this time of year!

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This Week’s Articles

Did you know that Michigan is hiding an incredible secret? I had no idea the state was home to America’s first designated national lakeshore. This week, our guest writer, Jim Tobalski, takes us exploring through the state’s incredible Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Don’t miss it!

Updated this week:

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path trip in Arizona, we have quite the adventure for you. Be sure and read these tips for exploring White Pocket in northern Arizona.

Black, gray and white Baggallini expandable carryon duffle.

The Baggallini expandable carryon duffle is Donna’s favorite personal item bag. And it’s 25% off right now, along with the rest of Baggallini’s merchandise. Shop here!

Travel Deals for Boomers

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. The Black Friday emails are piling up in our inbox. Some aren’t available until next week, but here’s what we have so far:

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More Travel News for Boomers

Looking for that perfect winter wonderland destination to spend the holidays? Well, look no further because CN Traveler has a list of 30 spectacular winter wonderlands around the world.

We’re not into the big cruise ships, but if you are, read the review of the new Celebrity Edge.

Did you know that in Oregon you can take the grandkids on a train ride to the North Pole?

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