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If you’re in the mood for a winter road trip, make sure to check Alan’s tips for a DIY winter road trip kit!

From Donna:

Welcome to November at My Itchy Travel Feet! As I wrote last week, this is the month we remind you of our travel gear guides for boomers—which have been updated with the latest and greatest, of course. But if shopping isn’t your thing, please don’t click away. We’ll share plenty of destination and travel tips, too.

What else is new? I’ve joined the cataract removal club—one eye down and another to go later in November. As boomers, we have to put up with a bit of medical maintenance, right?

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So this is a good time for me to remind you about the importance of travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions as well as membership in a medical evacuation plan. Alan and I don’t leave home with those two important safeguards in place.

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From Nicole:

Are you planning an upcoming trip over the holidays? This month, we’re revealing our best travel gear recommendations. To start out, take a look at a few of our most popular travel gear lists, such as our Favorite Packing Items.

This Week’s Articles

Istanbul is a wonderfully vibrant city. If you’re planning a trip, check out our guest post this week from Shaly Pereira, which features the 10 Best Things to do on Istiklal Street. You’ll love this bustling area of Istanbul!

Updated this week:

Donna’s updated one of her most popular articles: Cold Weather Gear for Women that Packs Light.

Would you rather take a trip? Old Salem in North Carolina makes a fun November visit.

Travel Deals for Boomers

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. Look what we found for this week:

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More Travel News for Boomers

Are you looking to a wild, winter time adventure? Travel and Leisure has a great list of Ten Winter Adventures to Put on Your Travel Bucket List

Did you know that Italy has Christmas markets? Here are ten of the best.

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