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Welcome to this edition of News for the Week—a look at boomer travel ideas, news and deals.

road passing throug large mountains

One of our favorite ways to do boomer travel right is by road trip! Check out Donna and Alan’s visit to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which included hiking, adventuresome drives and tons of beautiful desert scenery.

From Donna:

Want to know a behind-the-scenes secret? I’m working on a total redesign of My Itchy Travel Feet. It probably won’t be complete until sometime in January, but you’re going to love this colorful, energetic take on active travel for baby boomers. It’s also why I’m a littler quieter than usual on our social media channels and why there are fewer new travel articles from me.

Penguins on shore in Antarctica

An Antarctica cruise was a dream come true travel experience for Alan and Donna.

Would you like to cruise in Antarctica but can’t handle the potential rough seas on a Drake Crossing? Starting December 2021, Silversea will be offering the Antarctica Bridge. Fly business class from Punta Arenas, Chile on a Silversea private charter to King George Island to board your Silversea expedition ship.

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From Nicole:

This month, we’re going to be revealing our top travel tips for boomer travelers. Road trips offer all kinds of benefits, including freedom to explore, no time restrictions, and the ultimate in flexibility. But why take it from me? Donna came up with a great list of the benefits of boomer road trips.

This Week’s Articles

Greece is a very popular cruise destination, but the best way to see the country’s incredible ruins is by land. This week’s guest writer, Phyllis Rose, is taking us on a tour of Greece’s top sites. From Athens to Delphi, there’s so much to see!

And if you’re looking for travel that puts you in a holiday mood, Donna’s article on Festive Travel for the Holiday Season will take you there. (Sponsored by Cummins).

Travel Deals for Boomers

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. Some of the items featured are affiliate links (but not all).

budget travel gifts

20 Budget gifts that boomer travelers will love!

REI: Save up to 50% off during Cyber Week at REI. Through 12/8.

Uniworld’s 100th Anniversary Celebration Event:  Save 30% on select 2020 voyages. Book your next adventure now!

Insight Vacations US_Last Minute Deals: Save up to 15% on select trips. BOOK SOON!

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More Travel News for Boomers

Are you sick and tired of the cold already? Searching for a hot weather destination to snap you out of your winter funk? Well, check out Donna’s favorite warm weather destination for February in Just Places to Go. Hint: it’s paradise. 

Flu and cold season is upon us, and it’s not pretty. If you’ve got a big road trip coming up, take a look at these tips for staying healthy on the road

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