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Ivory Lodge is the perfect mix of luxury, adventure and romance in South Africa.

The all-inclusive Ivory Lodge is the perfect place to mix romance and active travel.

From Donna:

Well we did it! Alan and I finally visited Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park followed by a romantic getaway at Grey Cliffs Ranch. My Lamar Valley article isn’t quite finished so you’ll have to check back next week to read about our trip.

But the entire time that Alan and I were in the northern reaches of Yellowstone, all we could talk about is what we’ll do on the next visit to the park and surrounding area. The trip inspired us to come back again to snowshoe the trails, travel with a wildlife tour and go snowmobiling in Cooke City. And that’s just for starters! Want to share your Yellowstone National Park travel ideas with us? Contact us here.

From Nicole:

Today’s lead photo is from Aland and Donna’s trip to beautiful South Africa. Going on safari is a top bucket list item for most people, but it’s such an amazing trip that planning can be a bit daunting. (Heck, I’ve kept a growing safari resource list for years now.) South Africa offers all types of lodgings, but if you want to make the most our of a trip, make sure to find a hotel that will offer a bit of quiet relaxation to reflect on the amazing experiences that you’ll be having during the day. For more tips, check out a few of these resources:

This Week’s Articles

Need some help finding that perfect destination that’ll spark those romantic travel fires? Check out Alan and Donna’s Favorite Romantic Getaways From Around the World.

Have you always wanted to see Glacier National Park in a mantle of white? Donna takes you there in A Winter Trip to Glacier National Park.

Donna here again. On our trip to Yellowstone, I used my favorite packing method of rolling clothes. But finding what I want to wear can be a pain when I’m living out of a carryon where all the clothes are rolled. Before I know it, I’m re-rolling and repacking every night.

Eagle Creek packing cubes keep me organized on the road.

Eagle Creek packing cubes keep me organized on the road.

 The answer? I roll my pants, using them as a base in the bottom of the carryon. Then I pack everything else in Eagle Creek packing cubes to keep the rest of my clothing organized. Undies go in a small cube. And a packing envelope is great for tops and sweaters. This way, it’s easy to remove the cubes to access the pants. And I know where everything is, which makes me a less frustrated traveler.

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