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Cadiz walking tour

We explored the wonderful port of Cadiz on a themed walking tour.

From Donna:

What’s my least favorite part of preparing for a cruise? Booking the shore excursions! Seventeen years ago, when Alan and I first began cruising, excursions weren’t booked until we were onboard. But now it’s all done online before the cruise. And popular excursions sell out before the cruise even begins, which means that we sometimes must request to be on a waiting list.

So this week, Alan and I sat in front of my laptop to book excursions for Hong Kong to Vancouver on Seabourn Sojourn. But before hitting purchase, I checked the terms and conditions. Uh-oh. Any cancellations made during the cruise will revert to shipboard credit. What if it’s a day or two before the cruise ends? Or what if we cancel several excursions but don’t want to use the credit for spa treatments or special bottles of wine?

Not liking what we read, Alan and I decided to book a couple of excursions at the very beginning of the cruise and then plan as we go. Later, when confirmation of the two shore excursion purchases arrived in my email box, there was a notation that at the end of the cruise, if a shipboard credit from a cancellation went unused, the purser would refund the amount to the passenger. If we had know that, we might have purchased the rest of those excursions. Although dealing with any that we cancelled onboard (and we do that sometimes) sounds like an accounting nightmare to us. I can just see Alan now checking interim onboard statements to track it all. Who wants to do that on vacation?

Does it make me a little nervous to be sailing on a 42-day cruise with only two excursions planned? A little. This will certainly be a test of our flexibility! Stay tuned for how it all works out.

We’re still on the Oregon Coast. I took this photo at Strawberry Hill Wayside. Can’t wait to return to explore the tide pools.

From Nicole:

Well, I’m off for a few weeks to spend some time with family. We’ll be roadtripping through the Florida Keys and I’m so excited, I could bust! Have you been? If you have any tips for me, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page! I’ll read them while on the road!

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This Week’s Articles

Headed on a Portuguese adventure? David Johnston shows us What to do in Braga.

Donna here: Can sitting in a chair cause a back injury? It happened to me this week. So instead of writing a new article for you, I’ve been soaking in hot tubs, stretching plus draping over an exercise ball. But I don’t want to leave you without an article to read. So take a look at the most popular article that I’ve ever written for My Itchy Travel Feet: Scenic Drive in Monument Valley.

Traveling to the London soon? We’ve updated our tips for how to plan a day trip to Cambridge.

Don't leave home without joining a medical evacuation program. #boomertravel #traveltips

Before leaving on a bucket list trip, Alan and Donna make sure that their Medjet Assist membership is up-to-date. Click here for your medical evacuation membership.

More Travel News for Boomers

Bet you haven’t though of this travel experience: a grown-up sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Read more at the AMNH website.

We’re thrilled to be listed among some great sites on this list of Top Baby Boomer Blogs. Thanks, Feedspot! We’re #12. Yay!

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