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Gunnison National Park

View of the river from the North Rim edge of Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

From Donna:

Hello from Corsica! On Thursday, the Atlantic Crossing portion of our Silversea Cruise ended in Monte Carlo. Alan and I have stayed on for an additional nine-day journey that ends in Civitavecchia, the port for Rome. So what has been our favorite port so far? It’s a tie between the Spanish cities of Cadiz and Cartagena. Any disappointments? Our walking excursion in Aix-en-Provence included 40 people with one soft spoken guide and no headsets. But Silversea made it right by immediately refunding a portion of the excursion to all participants. And at least Alan and I had the opportunity to see this historic French city with its lovely markets. We are hoping there won’t be other 40-person-per-bus cruise excursions as small group experiences are one reason we travel with luxury cruise lines like Silversea.

And here’s a helpful reminder if you are planning a cruise excursion. Return to the bus on time. To expect others to wait 30 minutes for you is rude. And you might just miss the ride back to the ship as happened to several guests on our Aix-en-Provence excursion. I have more advice for you in: How to Survive a Bus Excursion on a Cruise.

From Nicole:

As Alan and Donna continue their Mediterranean Cruise on the Silver Wind, they’ve already visited Cadiz, Spain and Funchal, Madeira. Cadiz is really popular with Spaniards for its beautiful coastline. What’s there to do in Cadiz? Well, I’m sure they will have lots to tell us about the port, but in case you can’t wait …

Want to keep up with Donna and Alan’s Silversea cruise? As time and Internet permit, Donna will be posting photos and updates on the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Confused about what to wear on a cruise? Donna’s sharing day by day cruise fashion photos on her Facebook profile. Don’t miss out! 

This Week’s Articles

For those that are about to hit the road soon, Donna lets us in on a few useful tips for Spring Cleaning for Travelers.

Our guest writer, Cheryl Maguire, this week takes us to the little-known, but gorgeous beach area of Hull, Massachusetts.

More Travel News for Boomers

National Park Adventures

National Park Week starts on the 16th, so if you’re considering a park adventure, it’s time to get planning. Alan and Donna have a lot of experience exploring our national park system so take a look at a few of their travel tips before you go:

And one more reminder about the increased cost of a Senior National Park Pass: As we told you earlier this year, the cost of the $10 Senior Pass for U.S. National Parks will be increasing to $80 in 2017. The official increase date has not been announced yet. So if you are 62 or older, now’s the time to apply for a $10 Senior Pass. Here’s everything you need to know about the Senior Pass for U.S. National Parks.

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