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 Arches National Park

Simply can’t talk about National Park adventures without mentioning beautiful Arches National Park.

From Donna:

Today, Alan and I disembark the Silver Wind for our long journey back to Montana. Visiting the Selinunte archaeological site near Trapani, Sardinia, has definitely been the highlight of the week. Did you see our Instagram photo? 

And, as always happens to us on a long cruise, Alan and I spent the last couple of days talking about how we’d like to change things up after returning home. There’s nothing like getting away on a trip to bring ruts, bad habits and routine into focus. So we’re planning more boomer adventures like hiking, ATV rides, four-wheel-drive trips and exploring our Montana neighborhood in place of all that time we spend behind a computer. And then there’s the matter of eating healthier and exercise. Stay tuned to see how it all works out.

From Nicole:

Happy Earth Day everyone! Do you travel eco-consciously? I’m guessing that, like me, you can make more of an effort to reduce your travel footprint on our beautiful world. Need some help? In addition to Donna’s great Earth Friendly Travel Tips, here are a few resources to help you do the best you can do while traveling:

Are you a Glacier National Park fan? Then you'll love bringing the park home with Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

Are you a Glacier National Park fan? Then you’ll love reliving your adventures in the pages of Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

This Week’s Articles

Do you like to revisit your favorite travel destinations or do you prefer to only travel to new places? This week’s guest writer, Tuve Floden, just went back in time to re-explore Aix-en-Provence some 20 years after his initial visit.

Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd) and traveling consciously should be a priority for all of us. To make sure you’re reducing your footprint as much as possible, take a look at Donna’s 3 Earth Friendly Travel Tips to Celebrate Earth Day!

More Travel News for Boomers

Are you a fan of UNESCO World Heritage sites? National Geographic introduces us to the 10 newest ones. Which ones will you be adding to the travel to do list?

Earth Day is a great way to participate in local activities. Find events in your area by checking out the website: Earth Day Network.

Going somewhere? Start your hotel search with us.

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