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Tremiti Islands sea view. What a fun off-the-beaten-path adventure in Italy.

Tremiti Islands sea view in the Adriatic Sea off the Italian coast.

From Donna:

As Alan and I celebrate nine years of publishing My Itchy Travel Feet, we’re reminded of how quickly time is passing. One of the promises that we made to each other during the Silver Wind Mediterranean Cruise was to work less, explore more and take the time to truly enjoy life. To that end, we took our first hike of the season this week. And if my huffing and puffing on the three-mile-round-trip on Kootenai Creek Trail is any indication, I’m moving the get in shape promise much higher on the to do list, as well.

Taking time off to hike, ATV ride and explore Montana sounds so doable until I try to shoehorn the work I’ve left on my desk into the remaining hours of the week, which is the reason you will not be reading my article on exploring the ruins at Selinunte. I didn’t write it (maybe next week). But I’m not the only busy boomer. How do you balance what you have to do with what you want to do? Share your life-work balance ideas with me. I need tips!

From Nicole:

Most of us don’t like to be trapped in cities full of tourists. But Italy is an exception because the truth is that even Italy’s most tourist-packed locations are worth a visit. Rome, Venice, Florence—yes, they’re popular destinations, but they’re worth it. The country is just so full of life that even throngs of tourists can’t ruin that energy. But for those who are crowd adverse, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-sites to get away from it all.

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This Week’s Articles

Do you know that Donna started My Itchy Travel Feet nine years ago this week? Check out some of the site’s most popular posts as well as some future travel news in Donna’s Nine Year Anniversary Post.

We’re talking Italy travel in May and this week’s guest article from, Naomi Elster, takes us on a lovely stroll through Padua’s top sites.

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The Eagle Creek 22" Rolling Duffle Bag is the perfect for a two-week trip to Italy.

The Eagle Creek 22″ Rolling Duffle Bag holds everything you’ll need for 2 weeks in Italy. In fact, Donna traveled on a 3-week China tour using this very bag.

More Travel News for Boomers

The airlines have had their fare share of negative publicity in the last couple of months:

Recent events are a good reminder to read the rules on your airline, cruise, train or bus ticket. That goes for rental car agreements and hotel reservations, too.

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