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Silver Spirit guests and crew take photos of Milford Sound.

Guests and crew take photos of Milford Sound, which was one of the highlights of our Silversea South Pacific Cruise.

From Donna:

Vacation’s over so it’s back to work for me (and Alan). Due to the 4th of July holiday, the July newsletter was a tad late. But it’s filled with luxury travel info. Did you see it? You can read it here.

Purple and white Columbine wildflower with green background.

An iPhoto tip I learned last week in Colorado: Use portrait mode on your phone for flower closeups. This blurs out the background to make the flower stand out. Thanks for the tip, Sue!

Are you on Facebook? Do you belong to any travel groups? When you find the right ones, the information shared by the community is amazing, like this Glacier National Park group. If My Itchy Travel Feet started a FB group for boomer travelers, would you join it? I’m interested in your thoughts. Email me here.

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From Nicole:

This month, we’re talking luxury travel and, of course, we couldn’t go without highlighting one of our favorite modes of luxury travel: Cruises! With hundreds of hours clocked at sea, you know Alan and Donna have some wise words of advice on how to choose a cruise that’s right for you. Check out a few of their Luxury Cruise Reviews as well as their most memorable Cruise Excursions.

This Week’s Articles

This week, MITF featured writer, Debi Lander, is back with incredible tales of her recent road trip through the Lowcountry. This region is gorgeous, filled with just about everything anyone could want, amazing landscapes, classic architecture, history, culinary works of art, and more. Don’t miss Debi’s Tips for Road Tripping through the Lowcountry!

Travel Deals for Boomers

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. Look at the specials for this week!

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More Travel News for Boomers

Travel + Leisure shares 20 luxury vacations that are affordable.

Debi Lander’s article for Florida News Line, makes the perfect primer for a late summer or early fall trip to Virginia. Discover the charms of glamping in Paint Bank.

This week, our guest article featured a boomer road trip through the Lowcountry, if that has your travel feet itching for more adventure on the southeastern coast of the U.S., don’t miss Roadtripping through Georgia’s Golden Isles.

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