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Hiking path surrounded by green grass, evergreen trees and mountains

13 hiking apps to make your time on the trail even better!

From Donna:

While I may be on a summer vacation from blogging, it’s not keeping me from experimenting with a couple of changes here at My Itchy Travel Feet. To that end, we’ve recently become an “exclusive member of Mediavine Travel” as it says at the bottom of our website. What does that mean to you? You’ll see ads (hopefully relevant ones) at the end of pages and also sprinkled throughout our content.

Please let me know if you find any inappropriate ads or have other concerns. And, remember, the income allows us to provide the best reader experience possible. Publishing a high quality site like ours is expensive. Thanks!

purple starfish in the sand

I admired it, photographed it, then left this beautiful starfish to be recycled by nature.

A summer vacation from blogging means morning walks on the beach! How are you spending the summer?

From Nicole:

Nicole is winding up a 2-week Mallorca beach vacation with her family. I wonder if she took any sunset or sunrise photos to share on the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook?

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This Week’s Articles

Will your Alaska cruise call on Hubbard Glacier? I show you what to expect in Hubbard Glacier Cruise by Luxury Cruise Ship.

I have always wanted to see the cows in Switzerland moved from their summer grounds in the Alps down to their winter home. Thanks to guest writer, Angela Hawn, from telling us all about the Désalpe Festival in Charmey, Switzerland.

Green grass, swimming pools and palm trees stretch down to a blue ocean with another island in the distance.

Looking for a place to stay? Start your hotel search with us.

Boomer Travel Deals

Looking for Caribbean cruise deals? Here you go.

Traveling to Barcelona? Hate standing in line, like the long one at Familia Sagrada? That old saying about time is money is true. Click through to purchase skip the line tours in Barcelona, Spain.

From Intercontinental Hotels Group: Save up to 15% on End of Summer Trips!!

Planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park? Check out the best value hotels in West Yellowstone. Some of them are on sale!

More Travel News for Boomers

Do you agree with TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations in the World? Let us know!

Do you enjoy visiting ghost towns? Here are the 12 best ghost towns to visit in Montana according to USA Today Travel.

Cruisers, don’t forget to pack these items (according to Cruise Critic). I see a couple of missing items. What would you add?

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