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Tips for finding luxury travel bargains.

Luxury travel is our favorite way to go!

From Donna:

For July, we’re all about luxury travel. We’ll be featuring our favorite luxury travel tips, destinations, small ship cruise advice and more. You’ll find useful information even if you aren’t a luxury traveler. The best place to start is by reading the July newsletter (it will arrive in your inbox on Tuesday, July 9.) Subscribe here by clicking the monthly newsletter box.

How was your July 4th celebration? Alan and I are driving home from Colorado as you read this. But what a fun time we had! And, since our trip was a bit of vacation, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Tune in next week for more.

From Nicole: I’ve always admired the way that Alan and Donna always managed to combine the best of luxury travel with active travel. And these days, with a little savvy strategies, its easy to do the same, without breaking the bank. If you’d like to find out how the traveling duo manages to find the best deals that offer premium amenities, check out Donna’s Tips for Finding Travel Bargains. Then, have a look at our Luxury Travel Planner, which has some great resources for living out that luxurious travel dream.

This Week’s Articles

Have you ever been glamping? Well, if you’re looking for an incredible glamping destination, look no further than beautiful Baja, California. This week, our guest contributor is taking us to the area’s best sights to go kayaking, whale watching and friend-making. Check out some great tips for Active Travel in Baja California.

Also, this week, Donna was interviews by the Silver Standard, regarding her tips for cruise travel today. Check it out!

Travel Deals for Boomers

For the first time ever, Donna is traveling without her laptop. Yes, she’s going through withdrawal and it’s not pretty. Unfortunately this means Donna can’t access the special deals that she usually shares with you. But we still have resources  that will help you save travel dollars all year round. Start planning your trip here:

Are you looking to save money on upcoming travels? Send us an email. We’ll check our resources for you.

More Travel News for Boomers

Looking for some luxury lodgings on your next trip? Check out TripAdvisor’s list of the Best Hotels in the World for 2019.

Or … for a more personal reference, you could also have a look at our favorite Luxury Hotels and Resorts for Boomers.

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