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Oxbow Bend Grand Teton

Read our tips for visiting Grand Teton National Park in the fall.

Are your travel feet itching for a fall road trip? Alan and I are raising our hands high. Although Montana doesn’t have the beautiful red foliage of states like Vermont or New Hampshire, our fall landscape has plenty of yellow, gold and orange. In fact, we had planned on exploring this week until a weather front moved into our area. Hopefully, it will be gone by the middle of next week. Our itinerary includes driving the Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway and exploring Bannack State Park, the first territorial capital of Montana. Have you been?

This Week’s Articles

Many boomers are finding that they can no longer tolerate wheat products and are eliminating gluten from their diets. While omitting gluten improves their health, it makes travel a real challenge. But guest writer, Brette Sember, offers ideas for coping in Gluten-Free Travel Tips Make Travel Tasty Again.

Back to fall travel, would Alaska be on your short list for leaf-peeping? No, it wasn’t on ours either. In Saturday’s scene: Fall on the Glenn Highway, we show you why it should be and share more tips for an Alaska road trip.

For more fall travel ideas, check out our US Road Trips page. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next trip.

More Travel News for Boomers

Taking the grandkids on a trip is a bonding experience like no other. But it takes smart strategies to make the trip a successful one. At My Well-Being Powered by Humana, I share 5 Tips for Traveling With Grandkids.

If fall travel to a national park is on your mind, you’ll enjoy the series that I wrote for NowU:

  • Fall Splendor in Glacier National Park
  • Hike, Float and Bask in Wyoming’s Golden Glow (Grand Teton National Park)
  • Discovering Wildlife in America’s Serengeti (Yellowstone National Park)

And thanks to Forbes for interviewing me for their article about boomer women travel and to Sixty and Me for naming My Itchy Travel Feet to their favorite travel sites for women over 60. Guess I just spilled the beans about my age. Oh well.

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