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Welcome to this edition of News for the Week—a look at boomer travel ideas, news and deals.

Benedictine Monastery in Montserrat

If you’re planning a Spanish adventure, make sure to make time to explore Barcelona’s Benedictine Monastery in Montserrat.

From Donna:

This week’s Montana weather has been spectacular! But my allergies are really acting up. I control symptoms by using a saline nasal spray, which washes out the allergens. In fact, I take some on every trip.

Yes, you can bring a small bottle—3.4 ounces or less—on the plane. But always check TSA for the latest rules. Did you know that you can snap a photo of an item you’re not sure about and submit to AskTSA on FB messenger or Twitter?

Gold and red colors carpet the scene on an Alaska road trip.

Aren’t the fall colors in Alaska beautiful? Click through to read about a fall road trip in Alaska. It’s a great time of year to visit.

From Nicole:

Donna here. Nicole is busy working on a couple of special projects. What do you think of our reorganized Travel Apps Review page? 

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This Week’s Articles

Are you looking to explore a unique European destination? This week’s guest contributor, David Johnson, is taking us on a self-guided Antwerp walking tour.

Updated this week:

Donna lived in Tucson for 11 years. So she really knows her stuff when it comes to spending 36 hours in Tucson on a boomer travel adventure.

If you’re planning an early fall visit to Boston, pop on over to Hull, MA. We’ll show you what to see and do.

Travel Deals for Boomers

What do you think of Donna’s list of luggage that travels light? You’ll find it on her Amazon influencer page.

We’re on the hunt for the best travel deals for boomers. Look what we found for this week:

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More Travel News for Boomers

Looking for fall getaways in Europe and the U.K.? Here you go.

Can a cruise excursion change your life? According to Cruise Critic, these can.

If I could hire a professional packer for each trip, I definitely would. But, since that’s not very practical, check out Donna’s best travel packing hack or advice for long trips.

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