Packing is a popular topic

Believe me, packing for a South African safari plus a 13-day cruise has been a challenge. Did I follow the packing advice I’ve blogged about at My Itchy Travel Feet? Well, most of it.

Ray Schuette

My favorite One Soles combination. Photo credit: Ray Schuette

For sure, I took the One-sole shoes that I blogged about. And, I’ve checked the carry-on regulations for International travel as well as those specific to South Africa and Brazil, my two destinations. Next time, I’ll be ordering a few of the products I highlighted when I wrote about my toiletry carry-on dilemma. And, even after writing about ways to solve the over-packing syndrome, I’m still guilty.

Do you have packing advice for baby boomers like me who overpack? Post a comment. I really want to change my ways.

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