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Peregrine Adventures Celebrates 20 Years of Local Guides By Giving Away 20 Trips in 20 Days

When making travel plans, Alan and I always look for active travel opportunities. Being active on a trip allows us to experience a destination, which helps us form a connection to the place. Additionally, we book with local tour guides to help us get to know an area’s customs, history and overall personality. That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited that Peregrine Adventures asked us to tell you about the Peregrine Adventures competition. Did you know that Peregrine has been providing local guides for travelers around the world for 20 years?! The company is celebrating this major achievement by giving away 20 trips in 20 days in the Peregrine Adventures competition.

Peregrine Adventures Competition

20 years of tours using local guides is not only a great success, it’s a huge positive for the communities that the local guides come from, and that’s what Peregrine Adventures is celebrating. They’ve been exclusively using local guides for the past 20 years in order to provide guests with a truly authentic experience in the countries they visit. To properly celebrate, Peregrine is running a competition that gives entrants the chance to win a trip each day for 20 days as part of their 20 trips in 20 days competition.

Peregrine was the first travel company in the world to start exclusively employing local guides, and this not only provides a hugely engaging and immersive travel experience, it also provides income and employment for the local people. One example of using local guides paying dividends for the locals themselves is a man from Nepal called Dorjee. He was originally an assistant guide and now many years and treks later, he’s the part-owner of the local operation in Kathmandu.

Peregrine Adventures Competition

These days Peregrine employs 230 local leaders in over 90 countries around the world, so you know that wherever you visit, you’re going to have someone who has a deeply intimate knowledge of what their country has gone through, both the good and the bad, and what the hidden gems of their country are.  This means first-hand genuine knowledge and not just information that the guide has read from a book.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to travellers is the fact that with all this knowledge about their own country, local guides are eager to impart the same love of where they come from to those who travel with them. It’s no wonder then that given the care and leadership that the locals display towards their guests and their country, that many guests shed a tear at the end of their tour after forming such a strong bond with the guides over the course of their trip.

Peregrine Adventures Competition

There are also some other perks that go along with using local guides as tour group leaders. Apart from the knowledge and love of country that many guides display, there’s also the insights into the local foods available and where best to get them. No longer will you simply be visiting the restaurants that seem to exist solely for tourists, but you’ll have rare opportunities like visiting the guide’s cousin’s hidden bar or auntie’s stall in the market. Food always tastes better when it’s made with pride and love, and by travelling with a local, that exactly what you’ll have the opportunity to eat. The guide’s enthusiasm often rubs off on the local street vendors who already have a great reputation amongst the locals, but who then will try to go the extra mile to really show off the cuisine of their country.

Help Peregrine celebrate 20 years of local leaders providing unique experiences around the world and enriching communities by entering the 20 trips in 20 days Peregrine Adventures competition for the opportunity to experience the local expertise for yourself. The first trip to be given away on 03/03/2014 is a trip to the Everest Base Camp & Kala Patar, so make sure you enter for free ASAP.

*For those that aren’t able to win one of these incredible trips given away over twenty days, the company is running a site-wide sale of 10% off all trips while the competition is going on.

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