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The My Itchy Travel Feet Pinterest boards

Remember when we used to tear photos and articles out of magazines to save travel ideas, home decorating looks that we liked or recipes to try out? Maybe you still do. Well, this boomer is so over that. I’ve gone high-tech, baby. Meet Pinterest—it’s the easy way to digitally bookmark travel research, store recipes, remember gift ideas for the grands or anything else that you’d like to remember. And Pinterest comes with pretty pictures. Don’t you think photos are a much better memory jogger than words?

How do you get on Pinterest? First, request a free invite; then, if you’re lucky, an email will come within a day or two with a confirmation of your account. After that, it’s a matter of logging onto the site and setting up boards to display your favorite topics. At first, use the suggestions for board names that Pinterest offers, you can always change the name later or add more boards. This tutorial gives a simple explanation on how to set up boards, how to pin and how to find friends on Pinterest.

So how does pinning work? First, drag the pin button that Pinterest provides on their site onto your browser tool bar, then use it to pin photos from favorite blog posts or web articles to the boards at your account on Pinterest. Pinning the photo also grabs the url (web address) and links back to the blog or website, thus bookmarking that travel idea, recipe or gardening project for you. Pinterest also offers the option of uploading your own photo, which makes it easy to create a digital scrapbook of your favorite trip.


This board chronicles our boomer travels

 Boomer Pinterest tips:

  • Folks, this is just like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, it’s not so interesting if you don’t mix and mingle. Find your friends and others who are sharing beautiful photos (which link to fun content) on the topics that interest you, then follow them. You won’t believe this, but I’ve already discovered (and met in person) a Montana neighbor just from following her pins about my new home, the Bitterroot Valley.
  • Choosing the option to link to your Facebook account will post pins onto your Facebook Timeline (the same goes for Twitter), which let’s your Facebook friends know that you are on Pinterest. They can even like your pins from Facebook.
  • Don’t worry about not understanding Pinterest—just call your daughter or daughter-in-law for advice. She’s probably already on there as this is a very popular social media platform with those women who are—uh—a bit younger.

Would you like to connect with us on Pinterest? Look for My Itchy Travel Feet. So far, we have boards on road trips, national parks, American Southwest, cruise life, fun adventure ideas, our boomer travels and places we’d like to go, plus much more. We even encourage participation by inviting our readers to share their photos on some of our boards.

Do you see that red and white Pin It button at the end of this post? It allows you to pin our photos to your boards. And that big red P in our sidebar also links to our Pinterest account so that you can follow us.

Have we convinced you to join Pinterest? Are there other travel topics that you’d like to see us add to our boards? Come join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook. Or send us an email with your thoughts.

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