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Have you noticed that we’ve changed the Advertise page to one that says Sponsors? At My Itchy Travel Feet, we’re no longer selling text links and widget ads in our sidebars, except for Affiliate products. And we’ve never sold text links in our content. When you click on a link in our posts, we’re sending you to information that will help in researching your next boomer trip.

Today starts the beginning of our paid sponsor program. I know. You’re asking,

Why should readers care about the advertising program of a baby boomer travel blog?

What’s in it for our reader? I ask myself that question every time I publish a post. But we want to provide more than just informative content about active travel for baby boomers.

It’s All About Value


Every day, Alan and I meet companies and travel products that would benefit baby boomer readers. We think it’s time to create a partnership involving My Itchy Travel Feet, sponsors and you. We fund our blog, the sponsor reaches boomer customers and you learn about new products, receiving specials along the way.

When you see a company on our Sponsors page, rest assured that it’s a travel product or service that we are comfortable recommending. Most will be services and products that we already use although occasionally, we’ll be teaming up with new-to-us companies that offer excellent value for our baby boomer reader (and we will have checked them out thoroughly). You’ll also find special discounts from sponsors for newsletter subscribers .

Meet Our Sponsors

REAL powered by Humana

Humana-real-boomer-siteWith a unique focus on all aspects of your life, REAL Powered by Humana represents the path to a healthier baby boomer. Visit REAL online, where you’ll find information on everything — from physical and mental health, to work and finances, to the time you spend relaxing and even the social relationships you depend on.

And don’t forget to check out the REAL page on Facebook. There’s always a lively discussion going on where you’re invited to participate.

(Disclosure: I’m the boomer travel expert at REAL.)


Many baby boomers crave authenticity in life, including how and where to travel. You dream of taking part in the rituals of daily life in a foreign country, of dining and shopping where the locals do, or learning a bit of the language to unlock aspects of the local culture. You intentionally create a space in your busy life to enjoy the luxury of slowing down to catch your breath. If this sounds like you, consider unplugging from your regular routine to enjoy unprecedented access to places and people not found in any guidebook. Join AuthentiCity Travel on two week programs in:  Siena, Italy; Beijing, China; Athens, Greece; and Cairo, Egypt.

I’ll be introducing you to REAL and AuthentiCity in more depth later this month. And be sure to look for their specials in the My Itchy Travel Feet newsletter — subscribe here.

If your company offers a travel product or service and is interested in connecting with our baby boomer audience, please contact us.

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