Start in Paso Robles

Start in Paso Robles

Come along with us as we begin our California road trip adventure in Paso Robles, with its vibrant mix of wine country, mission history and western heritage. A true boomer adventure awaits!

Explore Paso Robles Wineries

With more than 200 wineries located in Paso Robles, enthusiasts will find it impossible to visit every one. Find out how we made the most of this incredible area by clicking on Explore Paso Robles Wineries.

Crash Course at Steinbeck Vineyards

When Alan and I visited Paso Robles, we experienced an incredible Steinbeck Vineyards crash course first-hand. Read about our experience by clicking on Crash Course at Steinbeck Vineyards.

Stagecoach Driving Lessons

The vehicle creaked and swayed as I grabbed a leather handle to keep my balance. Believe it or not, driving a stage coach is quite difficult. Read about our experience by clicking on Stagecoach Driving Lessons.

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