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Travel dreaming with Wildjunket Magazine


The April/May edition of WildJunket Magazine. Photo courtesy WildJunket

What happened to travel magazines that encouraged travelers, including boomers, to explore the wild places still left on earth? National Geographic Adventure used to be my go-to for travel inspiration, even though some of the adventures were beyond my boomer capabilities. Sadly, the magazine is no more. But there’s hope with a new kid on the magazine block. And, this one’s electronic. WildJunket Magazine, published by travelwriter Nellie Huang and her designer husband, Alberto Molero, focuses on stories about independent, sustainable travel.

Offered bi-monthly, WildJunket Magazine is filled with captivating photographs and articles that will make you want to go there and do that. In the latest issue, April/May, the focus is on travel in Africa, with articles about Sri Lanka, Uruguay and Mongolia rounding out the coverage. Are you a fan of tropical beaches? You’ll want to sign up for a subscription in time for the June/July issue.

Besides feature articles, you’ll also find photo essays, travel tips, off-the-beaten-path adventure (you know how we love those here at My Itchy Travel Feet) and travel discoveries through food. The magazine is available at the WildJunket website or through online magazine distributors, Zinio and Magzter, at a cost of $2.95 for a single issue or $14.95 for a 12-month subscripiton (6 issues).

I hope you have a cup of coffee handy and are settled in a comfy chair before opening an issue of WildJunket Magazine. You’re going to be spending the next hour or so travel dreaming.

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