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Boomer Travel Resources from My Itchy Travel Feet

Alan and I think planning for a trip is almost as much fun as taking it, especially if you know the right resources to consult. We’re both planners and it’s not unusual for us to be working on a trip months — sometimes even a year or two — in advance. Although some of our trips are sponsored, many of our journeys are personal trips that require lots of planning on our part. We’d like to share our advice with you as well as the boomer travel resources that we use. Check back often as we’re always learning something new.

Travel Planning Resources from My Itchy Travel Feet.

Are you curious about the online sites, books, guides and gear that we use for planning our trips? We’ve developed a list of travel planning resources guides, both location specific and by topic. You’ll find them on our Travel Planning Resources page.

Travel Planning Guides from My Itchy Travel Feet

While we love to leave a lot to chance and circumstances, we are also big fans of planning and preparation. In fact, we’ve put together a few guides to help plan specific trips that include articles, resources and visual inspiration. Check out our Travel Planning Guides to see what we’ve covered so far. We’ll be adding more guides month by month, so stay tuned!

Travel gear for the boomer traveler from My Itchy Travel Feet

Check out our favorite travel gear for boomers.

Our Favorite Travel Gear

Have you seen our travel gear guides? You’ll find gear for both the luxury and budget traveler, hikers, cold weather travel and more. See what Alan and I personally use and recommend at our Travel Gear guides page.

Road trip advice for baby boomers

Checking tire pressure on a boomer road trip

Road Trip Advice

When I see Alan sitting at the kitchen table with maps spread out in front of him (yes, we still use paper maps), I know there’s a potential road trip in the works. Me? I prefer the visual stimulation of our Pinterest Road Trips board. While Alan plans the route, I arrange the accommodations. If possible, we like to stay in bed and breakfasts for their intimacy and connection to the local scene, as well as the opportunity to meet other travelers. I start my research by consulting Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America. So far, we haven’t been disappointed in their lodging selection. We built most of our Coastal California road trip itinerary around stays at Select Registry bed and breakfasts.

With all the sitting that a road trip requires, you’ll want to read our tips for staying healthy on the road. And then there’s the matter of getting along with your travel partner. We have advice for that too in surviving a road trip. Need itinerary ideas? Check out Boomer Road Trips page that lists some of our favorite journeys. Are Apps an important travel resource on your travels? Read 5 Best Apps for Road Trips.

And our USA Road Trip Travel Planning Guide and USA Road Trip Planning Resources will inspire your next road trip in the USA.

More of our favorite road trip resources:

America’s Byways provides a listing of U.S. designated scenic byways that includes itinerary and lodging suggestions. Road Trip America offers an extensive article base for planning a U.S. road trip. At the National Register of Historic Places, you’ll find interesting historical sites to visit along the way.

Luxury Cruise Travel Planning Resources from My Itchy Travel Feet

Breakfast on the balcony

Cruise tips

With more than 300 cruise nights onboard small luxury ships, we really do KNOW cruising. Check out the luxury cruise reviews page to read about our first-hand experiences. Our number 1 piece of cruise advice: use a travel agent who is an expert in the cruise line and type of cruise that you’ve chosen. Alan and I prefer itineraries that are 21 days or longer for their abundance of sea days, but it helps to have a strategy for surviving a long cruise. You’re also going to need ideas for eating healthy on a cruise with all those days at sea. A budget-friendly way to experience your first long cruise is by booking a crossing because you’ll usually find 2 for 1 pricing. What about luggage? Should you send it ahead? Read about our experience shipping luggage to our cruise ship. What do you do if there’s a disaster onboard? Our article, 10 Tips for Surviving a Cruise Disaster, recommends creating your own escape plan. We’ve experienced hundreds of cruise excursions, most of them booked through the ship. Reading our cruise excursions page will help you decide which one is right for you. And, if you’re stuck on that never ending ride with grouchy cruise guests, you’ll be happy that you read our 9 Tips for Surviving a Cruise Bus Excursion.

You’ll also like our curated list of Luxury Cruise Travel Planning Resources as well as our Luxury Cruise Travel Planning Guide.

More cruise resources:

Cruise Critic is a comprehensive site that includes reviews, destination ideas and a forum specific to each cruise line. Luxury Cruise Talk is where I go to talk about all things luxury cruise related.

Making One Healthy Change at a Time. Advice for the boomer traveler.

Staying healthy for travel by making one change at a time

Travel Healthier

You can’t travel if you aren’t healthy. I learned that the hard way when a back injury caused my early return from a Christmas markets river cruise in December 2012. That’s why Alan and I dedicated 2013 to getting healthy and staying that way. Read our tips at the One Healthy Change page.

Best travel app reviews from My Itchy Travel Feet

From hiking to road trips to cruising, our app reviews will improve your next trip.

Top Apps Review

Need a travel app for getting there, but overwhelmed by massive quantity of choices? Check out our monthly reviews of the best travel apps on the market for the active boomer traveler.

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