Boomer Road Trips

Let’s Take a Boomer Road Trip

Are you a traveler who is lured by the call of the road? Alan and I are big fans of boomer road trips. It’s the kind of travel that allows freedom and flexibility.

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Our boomer road trip philosophy is to travel slowly. If a roadside attraction looks interesting, we stop and explore. Our itineraries include time for those surprises that we didn’t expect.

When possible, we plan two-night stays rather than experiencing a new destination every night. Yes, we’re serious about taking it slow. Check out some of our favorite domestic and international road trips and scenic drives.

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Best Road Trips for Boomers

We’ve categorized boomer road trip articles by country, region or type to make it easy for you to find the best road trip for you.

USA Road Trips

With the right planning, a U.S. road trip can be an incredible way to see all that our beautiful nation offers. We’ll show you U.S. roads to drive that explore our vast country. In the process, discover history, natural beauty, plenty of things to do and, of course, some amazing culinary surprises! Click on USA Road Trips to read our articles. Itchy travel feet guaranteed!

Scenic Drives

Hitting the open road would be quite boring without the beautiful scenery found throughout the U.S. In our experience, taking a U.S. scenic drive is the best way to experience firsthand all of our country’s amazing landscapes. Include these Scenic Drives on your next boomer road trip. Discover off-the-beaten-path dirt roads and paved byways with plenty to see.

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Our Favorite European Road Trips

Are the roads of Italy calling your name? What about Spain or Germany? Europe has endless opportunities for exciting road trips. Since our articles are based upon first-person experience, you’ll be in the know when roadtripping in Europe. Read about our experience, and those of guest writers, by clicking on Tips for Taking European Road Trips.

Roadtripping from Adelaide to Melbourne

Are you interested in a Down Under road trip? Australian writer, Leslie Connor, offers expert tips for an Adelaide to Melbourne road trip. If you drive straight through, the trip only takes 8 hours. But Leslie will show you why taking your time is the way to go. Read Leslie’s tips for roadtripping from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Drive from Sydney to Melbourne

The drive from Sydney to Melbourne takes boomer travelers along Australia’s Southeast coast and to several national parks. Leslie Connor shows us what to see and do on this 12-day Australian road trip. Read more at Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

Tips for a Road Trip to Vancouver Island

Leaving from our Montana headquarters, Alan and I wanted to travel the scenic route up to and through Vancouver Island. Perhaps, this is the reason that the Canadian border crossing guard at Porthill, Idaho, said to us, “You’re traveling to Vancouver Island the really slow way.” Click on Tips for a Road Trip to Vancouver Island to read more.

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