Boomer Road Trips

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Are you a traveler who is lured by the call of the road? Alan and I are big fans of boomer road trips. It’s the kind of travel that allows freedom and flexibility.

Our boomer road trip philosophy is to travel slowly. If a roadside attraction looks interesting, we stop and explore. Our itineraries include time for those surprises that we didn’t expect.

When possible, we plan two-night stays rather than experiencing a new destination every night. Yes, we’re serious about taking it slow. Check out some of our favorite domestic and international road trips and scenic drives.

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Road Trips in North America

We’ve categorized boomer road trip articles by country, region or type to make it easy for you to find the best road trip for you. And don’t forget to scroll down to our Four-Wheel Drive ideas!

Best US Road Trips for Boomer Travelers

Looking for U.S. road trip ideas? You’ll find them here. Enjoy the collection of first-hand road trip experiences from the West, South, Midwest and Northeast United States.

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tips for exercise on road trips

Best Scenic Drives in the USA

Scenic drives are a wonderful addition to your travels. Whether they are part of a longer road trip or included while exploring a specific destination, you’ll be happy that you took the scenic route. We call it driving the dots (the dotted roads on maps designate scenic roads). Check out our collection of first-person experiences on scenic drives.

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Red SUV covered in dirt on a four-wheel-drive-trail with mountains in the distance

Four Wheel Drive Adventures

Four wheel drive adventures in the U.S. and beyond. Choose your adventure from easy-to-drive forest dirt roads to more advance four-wheel drive trails. We have lots of ideas for you!

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Driftwood at Blue Heron Park, Nanaimo

Road Trip to Vancouver Island

Road Trip to Vancouver Island for boomer travelers Our road trip to Vancouver Island combined Nanaimo’s lively food scene, luxuriously unique lodging and the island’s rugged, wild West Coast. Read our articles to create your own road trip itinerary. Be sure to let us know how much fun you had! Some of the links on […]

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Highway traveling towards mountains

USA Road Trip Planner: The Best Tips for Exploring America

A USA road trip planner for your next boomer travel adventure. Discover planning tips and products for your next US road trip.

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Alan test drive ferrari

Road Trip Apps

Road Trip Apps Reviews Are you planning a road trip? Whether you’re headed out to the beautiful American West or the chaotic roads of Europe, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite road trip apps for on-the-road travel. Check out our Road Trip Apps Reviews, then, hit the road, Jack! The BEST Road […]

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European Road Trips

There are so many historical sites, scenic landscapes and amazingly diverse active travel adventures to experience while driving through Europe. For a little guidance and inspiration, take a look at some of our most memorable European road trips —and those of trusted guest writers.

Large white limestone building with a dome

Boomer Road Trip to Northern Italy on a 9-Day Itinerary

Check out our 9-day road trip itinerary for Northern Italy. This trip covers Milan, Lake Como area, Orta San Giulio, Bergamo, Cinque Terre, Lucca and southern Tuscany. We’ve included tips for how to plan your trip, too!

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small street in an Italian village

Visiting Italy’s Heel on a Southern Italy Road Trip

A Southern Italy road trip that goes off-the-beaten-path to charming villages. Read our tips for planning a road trip in southern Italy.

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Sun setting behind a mountain with beach in foreground

Boomer Adventures on a Greece Road Trip

A few weeks ago, we took you on a fun Greek Island hopping cruise. But for those who’d like to visit this beautiful country by car, you’re in luck with this Greece road trip itinerary that travels through Halkidiki. My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, is taking us on a fabulous […]

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Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela

Lower Rias Road Trip Guide: Off-the-Beaten-Path in Spain

Perhaps a road trip through Spain’s Lower Rias hasn’t been on your radar. While there are plenty of Spanish cities filled with history and charm, there’s even mpore to see and experience on a boomer road trip in Spain. When it comes to insider tips for exploring Spain, Nicole Jewell is the My Itchy Travel Feet […]

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The rolling hills in Champagne Country

Roadtripping Through Champagne Country on a Trip to France

Did someone say road trip? A Champagne Country road trip is a must-do for the serious champagne enthusiast. Combining a glass of bubbly with a drive through the scenic French countryside, well what could be better? From north to south and east to west, France is a treasure trove of scenic road trips. Especially renowned […]

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ruins of old cathedral surrounded by green grass

Road Tripping through Scotland on a Highlands Tour

Driving the open roads is by far one of our most favorite ways to explore any destination—especially one as stunning as Scotland. Remember our article about exploring castles on a Scotland roadtrip? Guest contributor Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85 has already taken us to beautiful Stirling, but now she’s here to take us on a Scotland […]

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pink flamingos in water

Beyond the Lavender: An Off-the-Beaten-Path Provence Road Trip

Have you thought about a Provence road trip? As a travel destination, France is one of the most popular countries in the world. It’s got a bit of everything from culture, history, architecture, culinary gems and a whole host of things to do and see. As one of the country’s most beloved regions, Provence is […]

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Subiaco, Italy

European Road Trip Planner for Boomer Roadtrippers

Considering a driving trip in Europe? You’ll need our European Road Trip Planner Planning a European Road Trip is both exciting and frustrating. Where to go? What to see? How to get there? The options are overwhelming. However, with a little bit of patience and a lot of research, European road trips can be incredibly […]

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Alan test drive ferrari

Top European Road Trip Apps for the Boomer Traveler

We’ve been sharing our recommendations for European road trip apps since April 2014. In this completely revised edition we’ve eliminated apps that are no longer published, plus we introduce you to our latest finds. If you’re an app user who’s planning a road trip in Europe—or any traveler to Europe—bookmark this page so that you […]

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Australia Road Trips

Here at My Itchy Travel Feet, we’re lucky to have Australian resident, Leslie Connor share her tips for roadtripping in Australia. What could be more fun than renting a car to explore the wonders of this beautiful country?

shot of rocky coastline with greenery

Roadtripping from Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia

Over the last few months, NSW Australia resident and guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights has been sharing insider tips for planning various Australian road trips. Today, she’s taking us on an exciting baby boomer road trip from charming Adelaide to beautiful Melbourne. A road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne should only […]

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large merino statue

What to see on a Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Australia is known for its laid back vibe and expansive beaches. And, of course, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is at the top of many boomer bucket lists. But there is so much more to see and do in this gorgeous corner of the world. To see the best of the best, a long, well-planned […]

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a curved rock jetty

Explore Australia on a Limestone Coast Road Trip

As a resident of NSW Australia, guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights has been sharing insider tips for exploring all of Australia. From beautiful Sydney and Melbourne to planning adventures in some of the country’s lesser known regions such as Adelaide, she’s given us plenty of travel ideas to consider. Today, Leslie […]

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Sydney Opera House

Active Boomers Guide to Sydney

Australia is not only known for its beautiful beaches and stunning road trip opportunities (Check out our tips for driving from Sydney to Melbourne), but it also has some very popular cruise ports. For those starting off or ending their cruise in beautiful Sydney, taking a few days to explore the area is well worth […]

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long plaza leading to a domed building

How to Plan a Self-guided Tour of Canberra

As a resident of NSW Australia, guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights, knows quite a bit about exploring all that Australia has to offer. She’s already told us how to plan a fun road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, and shared tips for exploring beautiful Sydney and Melbourne. But, today, she’s taken us […]

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Active Boomers Guide to Melbourne

Australia has a number of cruise ports located in some truly wonderful cities, meaning its a great idea to tack on extra time either before or after your cruise to explore these vibrant cities. We’ve already shown you some tips for exploring beautiful Sydney, but now, we’re headed to Melbourne.  For those starting off or […]

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