How to See and Explore Leslie Gulch on a Boise, ID day trip

Are you looking for a day trip from Boise that will take you into the remote area of Eastern Oregon that’s just across the Snake River from Idaho? I recommend a day trip to Leslie Gulch. Alan and I were wowed by our visit to Leslie Gulch and can’t wait to return for more active […]

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Best Things to Do in Central Newfoundland for Boomers

Are you looking for an off-the-beaten-path trip in Canada? Central Newfoundland is the place to be! Known for natural beauty, rich history, and a location along iceberg alley, The Rock, or Newfoundland, offers plenty of options for active boomer travelers. Debi Lander of¬†ByLanderSea, reports on her trip to the central region of Newfoundland. She shares […]

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How to Travel to See Monarch Butterflies in Mexico

Have you always wanted to see the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico? Planning a winter trip to watch the migrating butterflies is a bucket list experience for boomer nature lovers. And it’s important to appreciate them while you can as their winter habit is threatened by illegal logging and climate change. Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently traveled […]

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Ilulissat Icefjord Cruise Excursion: The Best Boat Tour

Is your expedition or classic cruise ship calling on Ilulissat on a Western Greenland cruise? While there are several active things to do here, an Ilulissat Icefjord cruise excursion is one of the best choices for seeing the giant icebergs that fill the Icefjord after calving from Jakobshavn Glacier. On our Seabourn expedition cruise through […]

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52 Best National Park Books for 2024

If you are looking for the best national park books, I’ve found 52 that you need to know about! Along with my favorites, you’ll also discover books on every facet of our national parks. Of course you’ll find the usual guides and coffee table books but there is so much more when it comes to […]

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The valley scenery reveals itself starting into the Monument Valley Scenic Drive.

One-Day Southwest Road Trip Itinerary on I-40

Will you be driving through Arizona and New Mexico on I-40 without a lot of time to explore? Check out this one-day southwest road trip itinerary. There are many things to see and do in the American Southwest. From a variety of national parks like the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to charming little towns, […]

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White Stallion Ranch: Multigenerational Fun in Tucson

If you are looking for multigenerational fun for your family, there’s no better choice than a dude ranch. For years, the American West, and especially Arizona, has been home to many guest ranches that provide a way for families to develop western skills like horseback riding while experiencing cowboy culture. Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently traveled […]

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5 Adventures on the Navajo Rez that Boomers Can Do

Exploring the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona is one of my favorite baby boomer travel memories. However, with just two visits under my belt, I’m far from an expert. Not to worry. Vera Marie Badertscher became extremely familiar with the area during the ten years that she researched her book, which she co-authored with Charnell […]

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North Georgia Mountains Fall Trip Itinerary

Are you looking for a North Georgia Mountains fall trip itinerary that includes charming towns, waterfalls and lots of fall color? Growing up in Georgia, I loved family trips to the North Georgia Mountains in the fall. But it’s been years since I enjoyed this scenic travel experience. Thankfully, James Richardson is an enthusiastic fan […]

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