Review of The Milepost. A must-have for driving in Alaska.

The Milepost Review: Your Companion For Alaska Highway Road Trips

Sometimes our road trip planning consists of packing a few items and fueling up the car, before heading on a spontaneous journey to who knows where. But not when it comes to driving the Alaska Highway. This is a travel adventure that requires months of planning. And sometimes the information isn’t easy to come by. […]

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Best Things to Do in Skagway Cruise Port

Is Skagway cruise port on your Alaskan cruise itinerary? More than likely, it is. There’s good reason for the Southeast Alaska town’s popularity. The combination of colorful history, a walkable downtown and outdoor opportunities can’t be beat. My Itchy Travel Feet featured writer, Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently visited. She writes about the best things to […]

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How to Spend Three Days in Flagstaff, Arizona

Are you looking for a 3 day itinerary in Flagstaff, Arizona? You’ve come to the right place! Teresa Otto shares her experience exploring Flagstaff. Get ready for national monuments, delicious food and some celestial surprises. Find out more with Teresa’s tips for how to spend 3 days in Flagstaff. I confess, I’d been to Flagstaff twice […]

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The 8 Best Places to Go on a Kansas Vacation

Will a Kansas vacation be part of your US road trip? There’s much more to see and do than most travelers realize, including some unique places to visit. My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor, Debi Lander (ByLanderSea), takes us on a trip to the Sunflower State. Enjoy her tips for the 8 best places to […]

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Visit Callaway Gardens for Butterflies and Wellness

Are you looking for road trip ideas for Georgia? Callaway Gardens near Pine Mountain is a wonderful addition to your itinerary. Vickie Lillo writes about visiting Callaway Gardens for butterflies and wellness. This sounds like a fun, relaxing way to take a break from the road! Created by Cason J. Callaway and his wife, Virginia […]

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Exploring Canyon de Chelly on a four-wheel-drive adventure

Canyon de Chelly, located on the Navajo Reservation, sits atop the Defiance Plateau along the northeastern edge of Arizona. This off-the-beaten-path national monument combines spectacular scenery, ancient cliff dwellings, and a look at a traditional Navajo way of life. It’s well worth the time and effort to explore. People have lived in Canyon de Chelly […]

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Colonial Williamsburg Itinerary: The Ultimate Guide for Boomer Travelers

Do you include history in your travels? If so, a Colonial Williamsburg itinerary is a must-do, especially when visiting Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg is a meticulously researched look at life in early America. Debi Lander (ByLanderSea), who has visited many times over the years, has written a guide to Colonial Williamsburg that’s perfect for boomer travelers. […]

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23 Best Things to do in Nashville for Boomer Travelers

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Nashville, Tennessee, Kathleen Walls (American Roads and Global Highways) offers her tips for making the most of your trip. Read about Civil War history, vibrant downtown Nashville, and a trip that will inspire a love for country music. And once you checked out Kathryn’s 23 […]

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Best Things to Do in Franklin, Tennessee for Boomer Travelers

On a visit to Tennessee, after hiking the Great Smoky Mountains, what’s next on your list? How about exploring a destination that combines history, historic homes and small town charm like Franklin, TN? If you’re looking for things to do in Franklin, Tennessee, Kathleen Walls (American Roads and Global Highways) offers her tips for making […]

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