When it comes to exploring Europe, boomer travelers have a multitude of options to choose from. Whether you visit on a river cruise, small group tour, or on an independent trip, you’ll find plenty of active European adventures to experience.

Our articles, based on first-person experiences, feature the best boomer travel in Europe: discover hiking trails, visit historical sites, explore independently on city walking tours, or rent a car for the road trip of a lifetime.

Each region of Europe offers a cultural experience that includes distinctive food, interesting history, friendly locals and beautiful scenery to explore. Our European travel articles are sure to inspire your next trip.

Southern Europe

With a mild climate and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Southern Europe offers good weather, great food and beautiful seaports. Visit Montserrat when your cruise ship calls on Barcelona, explore southern Italy on a road trip or go off-the-beaten-path in Slovenia.

Western Europe

Many of the great European capitals are located in Western Europe. Beyond the big cities, you’ll also find small villages where it’s easy to avoid the crowds. Explore Amsterdam’s canals, take a river cruise on the Rhine, or visit Strasbourg at Christmas.

Northern Europe

A vast area, Northern Europe, offers geographical diversity, as well as cities large and small. Going off-the-beaten-path is easy to do here. Explore the historic castles of Wales, marvel at Norway’s fjords, walk the Giant’s Causeway, or experience Iceland’s stunning landscape.

Eastern Europe

Serving as the cushion between Europe and Asia, Eastern Europe offers more off-the-beaten-path, less visited destinations. Explore Gdansk on a trip to the Baltic, follow our tips for visiting St. Petersburg on an independent tour or explore elegant Budapest before cruising the Danube.

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