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Boomer travel (or senior travel) has certainly changed from the way our parents explored the world. Baby boomers look for active travel options that allow us to experience a destination rather than seeing it from a tour bus window.

Below you’ll find activities divided by type, including fun in the water, fun on two wheels and fun in the air. Plus there’s a section at the end for active adventures in North America. Have fun planning your active trip!

What do we mean by active boomer adventures?

people in red jackets sitting in a zodiac taking pictures of an iceberg.

Here at My Itchy Travel Feet, we consider any travel activity that gets your body moving to be active. Our active travel ideas include anything from moderate day hikes to challenging adventures. But, mostly, our first-person articles are about active travel experiences that are moderately easy to do.

Alan and I think experiencing an activity that’s slightly challenging, or one that is new to us, is exhilarating. Our motto: we’ll try anything (within reason) once. If we really love it, we’ll go back and do it again.

Why not expand your horizons by trying some of our favorite active vacation ideas? And don’t worry, these are doable for most boomers.

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Looking for fun on two feet? We’ve published way too many hiking articles to include here. You’ll find them on their own page at hiking for boomers.

Fun in the Water

Fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, even paddleboarding are easy and fun to do. Don’t sit on the beach sweltering in the sun. Try our fun water adventures for baby boomers instead!

Maine Windjammer Cruise Review: Glamping on Penobscot Bay

If you’re looking to relax and unplug, a Maine Windjammer Cruise is the answer. My Itchy Travel Feet featured writer, Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, says it’s like “glamping on the sea.” Read Debi’s Maine Windjammer Cruise review about a 3-day schooner cruise that explores the beautiful Penobscot Bay, courtesy of the Lewis R. French. My […]

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7 people in a raft riding through a rapid on the Ocoee River in Tennessee

Ocoee River Rafting on a Multigenerational Trip

Are you curious about an Ocoee River Rafting trip in Tennessee? Did you know the experience makes a wonderful multigenerational travel experience? Guest contributor, Vickie Lillo, experienced just such an adventure. She shares her heartfelt thoughts about Ocoee white water rafting with her father and her son—three generations of brave travelers! Is this active travel […]

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Snorkeling in Rangiroa

Rangiroa Snorkeling is the Best!

Did your South Pacific cruise visit Rangiroa? I certainly hope you got to experience the awesome snorkeling in the beautiful lagoon like I did. Let me tell you about my Rangiroa snorkeling experience. I’m standing in the warm tropical waters of French Polynesia giggling as hundreds of colorful fish flit around me in the crystal […]

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Whale watching in Magdelana Bay

Boomer Travel Fun in Loreto Bay National Marine Park

Have you visited Loreto Bay National Marine Park in Mexico? The beautiful Pacific Coast body of water that shimmers 50 shades of blue is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Legendary marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau called this region in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, “the world’s aquarium.” Guest contributor, Nancy D. Brown, explored the area on a […]

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Swimming with stingrays in Moorea

Swimming with Stingrays in Moorea

Swimming with stingrays is our favorite South Pacific cruise excursion. Period. Alan and I have experienced this fun adventure twice in Moorea, while snorkeling in Bora Bora, with more opportunities to come as we travel often in the South Pacific. This water adventure is doable for most baby boomers. If you can climb the ladder […]

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Fishing in Islamorada with Capt. Skip Bradeen.

Fishing in the Florida Keys: A Boomer Woman’s First Catch

Fishing in the Florida Keys? This travel princess? Those were my thoughts when I learned a Florida Keys press visit would include a half-day fishing charter with Captain Skip Bradeen on the Blue Chip Too. When our group of travel writers arrived at Whale Harbor Marina in Islamorada, my misconceptions about offshore fishing were about […]

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Snorkeling at Moon Reef on a private excursion in Fiji

“We’ve booked a private cruise excursion to go snorkeling at Moon Reef when we dock in Suva, Fiji. There’s room in the minivan for two more. Would you like to go with us?” asked Randy, one of our new cruising friends on Seabourn Odyssey.  Of course Alan and I said yes to an active boomer […]

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Ichetucknee Springs

Kayaking down Flordia’s Ichetucknee River

  Do you like to connect with nature on your travels? Nothing beats kayaking down the Ichetucknee River on the crystal clear waters of north-central Florida. The six-mile-journey takes paddlers through a cypress forest chock full of wildlife, so be on the lookout for raccoons, wild turkey, blue heron, wood ducks and white-tail deer. And, […]

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Trout caught in Missouri River

Fly fishing in Montana on the Missouri River

Blame it on A River Runs Through It, the movie (and novella by Norman Maclean)  that romanticized fly fishing in Montana. Or at least that’s the way this boomer traveler sees it. Ever since I watched golden-haired Robert Redford casting his line into the Blackfoot River against the backdrop of Montana mountain beauty, I’ve wanted to […]

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Boomer Snorkeling Adventure on the Kona Coast

Snorkeling on the Kona Coast makes a fun adventure whether you’re on a Hawaii shore excursion or booking independently as part of a Hawaiian vacation. Snorkeling is one of our favorite active travel experiences. Add a fast ride in the ocean on a zodiac raft and Alan and I are in adventure heaven. That”s what […]

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A Taste of Kayaking in the Florida Keys

Are you looking for a fun place to visit in Florida with a dash of adventure? Kayaking Big Pine Key definitely qualifies. Driving over a mile-long bridge that spans cerulean blue water—snorkeling with a multitude of color fish—tasting that first delicate bite of key lime pie—are these the scenes that come to mind when you […]

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Alan and Donna Hull swim with stingrays in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Snorkeling on a Shore Excursion

Updated 05.02.2020: partnered with me for a look at a Bora Bora snorkeling shore excursion. When a cruise ship arrives in Bora Bora, it’s about as close to paradise as boomer travelers are going to get. At least that’s the way Alan and I feel about this tropical island in the South Pacific. Where […]

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Fun on Two Wheels

A biking trip definitely qualifies as active travel. On a cycling tour, admire beautiful landscapes and history while a tour company provides the logistics. Explore by bicycle during the day, then fuel up with gourmet food and wine for the next day. Or explore a destination independently on day cycling adventures that you create.

Chateau de Chenonceau

Riding the Backroads on a Loire Valley Bike Trip

Are you dreaming about riding the backroads through the Loire Valley of France on a biking adventure? As you can tell from our love of active travel, we adore any trip that includes activities such as hiking, biking, or any other type of experience that’ll get your heart rate up while exploring new destinations. Today’s […]

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Scenic stupas

Day Cycling Through the Temples of Bagan

We love exotic travel tales that include active adventures, especially when it involves biking off-the-beaten path. Guest contributor, Sue King from Nomadic KU, did just that as she cycled her way through dusty backwoods while exploring Myanmar’s Bagan temples by bike. On our own: Bagan cycling tour Iconic images of the ancient temples of Bagan […]

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Kibitsuhiko Shrine.

The Kibiji Bike Trail is a Fun Travel Adventure in Japan

While we enjoy active travel of any sorts, we absolutely adore off-the-beaten path adventures in faraway lands. Guest writers, Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks, are here to tell us all about their Japanese adventures biking the beautiful Kibiji bike trail. Japan is a complex and beautiful country that brings to mind both ancient temples and […]

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Mendoza wine travel

Biking Through Mendoza Wine Country on a Boomer Travel Adventure

Is biking in Mendoza wine country on your adventure list? Although we certainly advise against drinking and driving in any case, taking a leisurely bike ride through beautiful Argentina vineyards while tasting some of the local wine is certainly a great bucket list item, as long as it’s done in moderation, of course. Guest contributor, […]

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Barcelona Sunset

Biking in Barcelona

Although we’re big fans of hiking while traveling, we are always up for a great biking adventure, especially in beautiful destinations like Spain. Today’s guest contributor, Vanessa A Nirode from Girls Drink Stout, is here to take us on a two-wheel adventure through Barcelona’s beautiful landscape. I’m fairly certain I fell in love with Barcelona […]

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Cycling the Hamptons of Germany

A cycling tour of Sylt, Germany represents one of the travel industry’s hottest new trends for boomers—active travel. Today, Jeanine Barone from  J The Travel Authority, writes about the charms of a Sylt cycling tour. Massive sand dunes rise and dip beside my bicycle path, their surface brushed with purple from the dense covering of […]

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Fun in the Air

Exploring a place from overhead is one of our favorite ways to gain new travel perspective. Hot air balloons, float planes, and helicopter rides are great ways to explore. Or what about ziplining? We’ve included plenty of air adventures for your next active trip.

Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

Soaring over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon

Are you planning a trip to Turkey? Have you considered adding a Cappadocia hot air balloon ride to your active boomer travel itinerary? Turkey is one of those amazing destinations that seems to stay with travelers long after they’ve gone on to other adventures. The unique vibrancy and culture that pulsates through the country’s bustling […]

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Flying in a Hot Air Balloon Over Bluff, Utah

When Alan and I attended the 2010 Bluff Balloon Festival in Bluff, we enjoyed a boomer trip to Utah that included our favorite activities—photography and exploring. But what we really longed to do was fly in a hot air balloon. During check-in at our accommodations, Desert Rose Inn, I mentioned to innkeeper Cindy Tumeh that […]

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Air Maui helicopter tour

Fun in the Air: Helicopter Adventure Over West Maui and Molokai

Although Alan and I are big advocates of boots on the ground adventures to truly know a destination, there is also something special about seeing it from a seat in a small aircraft or helicopter. Take the Hawaiian Islands, for instance. Steep sea cliffs with thundering waterfalls are no match for our boomer hiking skills. That’s why, when […]

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Paragliding over Maui

Paragliding Over Maui

I’m paragliding over Maui. Let me write that again. I’M PARAGLIDING OVER MAUI. The wind whips through the wing (you might think of it as a parachute) as Dexter Binder, certified instructor at Proflyght Paragliding, offers calm instructions. On a tandem ride, we swoop left and right across the Maui hillside. Paragliding is the most quiet, peaceful experience […]

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Float Plane tour of Misty Fjords

Adventure Over Misty Fjords National Monument

When cruise ships dock in Ketchikan, Alaska, travelers choose from excursions that include bear watching, zip lining, ATV adventures in the coastal rainforest or simply walking around the colorful clapboard buildings that crowd the port. The rain-prone area is known for sports fishing, outdoor adventure, plentiful shopping and the remote Misty Fjords National Monument. When […]

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Ziplining in Maui

How to Take a Maui Ziplining Adventure

Active travel means many things to many people. Some like to leisurely stroll around a new destination while others search out more thrilling adventures. Well, today, we’re going to be catering to the latter group of adventure seekers. Guest contributor, Susan Guillory from The Unexplorer, is here to tell us about how she was talked […]

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Winter Fun

Although some people would prefer to hit the beach or cruise the open seas during the spring and summer months, winter travel is often overlooked. Do you need to gear up first? Check out our winter driving kit, pack light with this cold weather gear for women list, or winter packing tips for men.

Visit Lamar Valley in the winter

Visiting Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley in the Winter

Are you thinking about visiting Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley in winter? In this article, I’m sharing a Lamar Valley day trip itinerary plus where to stay and how to plan your trip to this northern region of Yellowstone known for winter wildlife watching. For years, I’ve wanted to visit Lamar Valley in winter, especially […]

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Snowcapped mountains reflected in a lake with rocks at the edge of the lake and trees to the right

A Winter Trip to Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for things to do on a Glacier National Park winter trip, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do. Inside the park, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and winter hiking provide a beautiful winter experience. Or you could just admire the scenery. Winter is a fine time to visit this lovely […]

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Lake Louise in Banff National Park

Enjoying a Nordic Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies

How does cuddling up beside a crackling fire in a lodge tucked away in the Canadian Rockies after a day of cross-country skiing sound? Nice, right? There are tons of active travel opportunities in Alberta and British Columbia where you can do exactly this and more. Today’s guest writer, Leigh McAdam from HikeBikeTravel, lets us […]

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Horses pull the sleigh at The Resort at Paws Up

Luxurious Winter Fun at The Resort at Paws Up

A river laced with ice and snow winds through rolling hills studded with a thick forest of evergreens. Mountain ranges provide the snowy backdrop. On a frosty hike along the banks of the Blackfoot River, Alan and I stop to inspect bobcat tracks before looking up to see a bald eagle sitting majestically in the […]

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Triple Creel Ranch winter getaway

Triple Creek Ranch Winter Getaway: Luxurious Montana Fun

When you think of spending time at a guest ranch, do you imagine horse rides through fields of wildflowers, cooling your toes in a gurgling creek or telling stories under a star-filled night sky? My guest ranch visions are white, all white, especially when it comes to a Triple Creek Ranch winter getaway in Darby, […]

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Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Cool thoughts about Hannagan Meadow Lodge

When the thermometer reads 108 degrees in Arizona, this broiling hot baby boomer re-visits her favorite frozen adventures. I picture snow piled high around a rustic cabin, cross-country skiing across a rolling meadow or sitting in the dining room at Hannagan Meadow Lodge watching the snowflakes fall. Located at 9100 ft., in the White Mountains of eastern […]

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frozen tundra landscape

Iceland Travel Tips for Winter Travelers

Need Iceland travel tips for a winter trip? We’ve got adventure-filled tips that will make any active boomer traveler smile with anticipation. Years back, traveling to Iceland may have seemed like traveling to another world. But in today’s ultra-connected world, Iceland is becoming one of the planet’s hottest cold-weather travel destinations and worthy of your […]

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3 cold weather trips for the active boomer traveler

Start the New Year Out Right With These Cold Weather Trips

If you’ve been following the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook, then you know how much Alan and I enjoy traveling on cold weather trips. Why are we such big fans of cold and snow? Because it’s a great way for active boomer travelers to jump start those New Year’s fitness goals. And did […]

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woman cross country skiing in the snow

Winter Travel Planner for Boomers

Use our Winter Travel Planner for your next cold weather trip. Read about the best online resources, first-hand winter travel tips, the best cold weather gear, where to stay and the best winter destinations for boomers.

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Active travel in North America

Would you rather pick an active travel experience by the region of North America that you’re visiting? Although we haven’t experienced adventure everywhere, there are some regions where we—or our writers—have acquired extensive experience. Take a look!

Muddy river winding through a canyon surrounded by cliffs at Dead Horse Point Overlook

Adventures in the American Southwest

The best adventures in the American Southwest for boomer travelers includes travel ideas for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and parts of California, Colorado and Texas.

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Float Plane tour of Misty Fjords

Active Travel in Alaska

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of traveling to Alaska will know that this beautiful state is the king of outdoor activities. In fact, active travel in Alaska offers a wide variety of experiences, from thrill seeking dog sledding to glacier hiking.  Some of the links on this page are referral links. Read our […]

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Boomer Adventures in Hawaii

Looking for boomer adventures in Hawaii? We’lll show you fun things to do on the Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Maui, Lanai and Oahu. Lounging on the beach is fun, but there are so many fun things to do in the Hawaiian Islands. Check out our tips for hikes, snorkeling locations, visiting national parks, exploring history and more!

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Hikers on an Alaska rainforest hike.

The Best USA Day Hikes for Boomer Hikers and Travelers

Are you looking for doable hikes in the U.S.? We’ll show you the best day hikes in the USA that are easy to do for active boomer travelers. Learn about our favorite day hikes on beautiful US trails.

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Three Lakes Loop Trail in Southeast Alaska

Taking a day hike on your next trip? Start with our Hiking Planner for Boomer Travelers

A Hiking Planner to help boomer travelers prepare for the best day hikes Will you be hiking on your next boomer travel adventure? Whether you’re hitting the trail on a road trip, as a shore excursion, or in a national park, our Hiking Planner introduces you to the best trails for boomers, where to find […]

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Wolves in Quebec

Active Travel in Canada

Canada offers countless opportunities for those who love active travel. In fact, whatever type of activity you’re looking for—you’ll most likely find it in Canada. Seeing the polar bears in Manitoba is high on our to do list. Some of the links on this page are referral links. Read our Disclosure. Between ourselves and guest […]

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