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Active boomer travel ideas for your next trip

Boomer travel (or senior travel) has certainly changed from the way our parents explored the world. Baby boomers look for active travel options that allow us to experience a destination rather than seeing it from a tour bus window.

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What do we mean by active boomer adventures?
People in a zodiac photographing an iceberg on an active boomer travel adventure in Alaska.

Here at My Itchy Travel Feet, we consider any travel activity that gets your body moving to be active. Our active travel ideas include anything from moderate day hikes to challenging adventures. But, mostly, our first-person articles are about active travel experiences that are moderately easy to do.

Our boomer travel motto

Alan and I think think experiencing an activity that’s slightly challenging, or one that is new to us, is exhilarating. Our motto: we’ll try anything (within reason) once.

If we really love it, we’ll go back and do it again. Why not expand your horizons by trying some of our favorite active vacation ideas? And don’t worry, these are doable for most boomers.

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Looking for fun on two feet? You’ll find it at hiking for boomers.

Winter Fun

Although some people would prefer to hit the beach or cruise the open seas during the spring and summer months, winter travel is often overlooked. In fact, over the years, we have had some of our most memorable travel experiences during winter time. Check out our best moments of winter fun below.

Do you need to gear up first? Check out our winter driving kit, pack light with this cold weather gear for women list, or winter packing tips for men

Visiting Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley in the Winter

Located in the remote northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, Lamar Valley is often called America’s Serengeti. Take a look at our experience exploring Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley in the Winter .

A Winter Trip to Glacier National Park

Have you thought about a Glacier National Park winter trip? It’s a fine time to visit this lovely corner of Montana and you’ll practically have the place to yourself. Click on Glacier National Park winter trip to read more about our experience.

Enjoying a Nordic Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies

Nothing says active winter fun like Nordic skiing in the snow-covered Canadian Rocky mountains. Leigh McAdam shares more about this incredible trip: Enjoying a Nordic Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies.

For a luxury Montana winter adventure, stay at Triple Creek Ranch.

Triple Creek Ranch Winter Getaway

For a luxurious Montana winter adventure, head straight to a Triple Creek Ranch Winter Getaway. Read my tips for how to best experience this beautiful ranch—one of my favorite getaways.

Start the New Year Out Right With These Cold Weather Trips

Traveling in the winter is a great way for active boomer travelers to jump start those New Year’s fitness goals. Read my tips for Starting the New Year Out Right With These Cold Weather Trips.

Winter Fun at Paws Up Resort

Anyone looking for some luxurious and active winter fun should head directly to the beautiful Resort at Paws Up. Read about my experience staying at a 37,000 acre working ranch an hour north of Missoula, Montana:  Winter Fun at Paws Up Resort.

Cool thoughts about Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Located in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona, Hannagan Meadow Lodge is one very cool winter time escape. Rustic and active, this lodge was just perfect for us! Read about more about our experience by clicking on Cool thoughts about Hannagan Meadow Lodge.

Purchasing a medical evacuation membership is an important part of planning your active boomer adventures. Memberships available here.

Fun on Two Wheels

A biking trip definitely qualifies as active travel. On a cycling tour, admire beautiful landscapes and history while a tour company provides the logistics. Explore by bicycle during the day, then fuel up with gourmet food and wine for the next day. Or explore a destination independently on day cycling adventures that you create.

A destination takes on a different perspective from the seat of a bicycle. Bicycling tours for boomers add a new dimension to your travels. Whether on an organized bicycling tour or exploring roads on your own, cycling is a fun way to experience the world.

Riding the Backroads through the Loire Valley

A biking trip in France comes with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous gardens and, of course, regal chateaux. Cycling through the Loire Valley is an unforgettable experience. Explore by bicycle during the day, then fuel up with gourmet food and wine for the next day. Read more about riding the backroads through the Loire Valley to see if Pam Wilson’s boomer biking adventure is for you.

Day cycling in Bagan, Myanmar

Cycling in Bagan, Myanmar combines three of our favorite travel themes: exotic destinations, off-the-beaten-path travel and active adventure. Sue King shares her experience exploring the temples of Bagan by bicycle. Her tips will show you how to create your own cycling day in Bagan. Click through to cycling to the temples in Bagan for some wonderful travel inspiration.

Cycling Japan’s Kibiji Trail

Imagine exploring Japan by bike. You’ll see Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and a flowering landscape if you go in the spring. Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks, share their cycling adventure biking the Kibiji Trail. Is this adventure for you? Read more to find out. 

Explore Barcelona by bicycle

End a wonderful couple of days cycling in Barcelona, Spain with a beautiful sunset. But, first, you’ll need some tips. Vanessa A. Nimrode takes us on an adventurous bicycle ride through the Spanish city’s streets and hilly suburbs. If you’re looking for a fun adventure during a multi-day stay in Barcelona, don’t miss her tips for biking in Barcelona.

Cycling the Hamptons of Germany

Jeanine Barone went looking for a bicycling vacation in Germany and found it—on the island of Sylt. She’ll show you how to combine a German cycling adventure with beaches and spas. There are plenty of bicycle paths to ride, too. This sounds like our kind of boomer travel adventure. Read more about a cycling tour of Sylt and how to make it happen.

Fun in the Water

Fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, even paddleboarding are are easy and fun to do. Don’t sit on the beach sweltering in the sun. Try our our fun water adventures for baby boomers instead!

Tips for Rangiroa Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Rangiroa is one of our favorite memories from years of South Pacific cruising. Check out my Tips for Rangiroa Snorkeling.

Water Adventures in Loreto Bay National Park

Loreto Bay National Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a perfect location for active boomers who love the ocean. Nancy D. Brown shares how to explore this gorgeous area in Water Adventures in Loreto Bay National Park.

Swimming with Stingrays in Moorea

If we had to pick one cruise excursion that’s a favorite, swimming with stingrays in Moorea would be at the top of the list. You’d be amazed at how many times we’ve gone Swimming with Stingrays in Moorea. Yes, it’s that much fun.

Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing in the Florida Keys? This travel princess? Those were my thoughts when I learned a Florida Keys press visit would include a half-day fishing charter. And I caught the biggest fish! Read more about Fishing in the Florida Keys.

Snorkeling at Moon Reef

If you’re traveling to Fiji, plan a snorkeling adventure at Moon Reef. We took a risk with thisindependent cruise excursion by to Snorkeling at Moon Reef. It was totally worth it!

Sea Kayaking at Refugio State Park

Looking for an adventure on the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, California? I share how to go Sea Kayaking at Refugio State Park.

Kayaking Down the Ichetucknee River

Don’t spend all your time on the beach in Florida. Head on over to the clear waters of the Ichetucknee River for a fun boomer excursion. I had a blast Kayaking Down the Ichetucknee River.

Fly-fishing in Montana

The Missouri River in Montana made a great location for our first fly fishing experience. Although we didn’t catch any fish, we thoroughly enjoyed Fly-fishing in Montana.

Snorkeling Adventure on the Kona Coast

During a cruise from Sydney to Los Angeles, the excursion with Captain Zodiac in Kona, Hawaii, proved to be one of the best boomer adventures we’ve had. I’ll show you why it was so much fun in Snorkeling Adventure on the Kona Coast.

Fun in the Air

Exploring a place from overhead is one of our favorite ways to gain new travel perspective. Hot air balloons, float planes, and helicopter rides are great ways to explore. Or what about ziplining? We’ve included plenty of air adventures for your next active trip.

Soaring over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon

Turkey’s unique rural landscape seems to be from another world. There’s no better way to see it than in a hot air balloon. Debi Lander shares her experience in Soaring over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Utah

Nothing beats the exhilaration of riding in a hot air balloon high over the winter landscape of Bluff, Utah. Alan and I still talk about our experience on a Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Utah.

Helicopter Adventure Over West Maui and Molokai

Although Alan and I are big advocates of boots on the ground adventures, there is also something special about seeing exotic landscapes from a small aircraft or helicopter, especially in Hawaii. Click on Helicopter Adventure Over West Maui and Molokai to see if this adventure is for you.

Paragliding Over Maui

When Visit Maui offered the chance to try paragliding during my trip to The Valley Isle, I admit that I was hesitant, but that didn’t stop me! Check out my bravery Paragliding Over Maui. This was so much fun!

Alaska Floatplane Adventure

When Alan and I arrived in Ketchikan as part of a Regent Seven Seas Mariner cruise, we immediately sought a seaplane tour to escape the hordes of tourists. Read about our Alaska Floatplane Adventure. Yes, we’d do it again.

Active travel in North America

Would you rather pick an active travel experience by the region of North America that you’re visiting? Although we haven’t experienced adventure everywhere, there are some regions where we—or our writers—have acquired extensive experience. Take a look!

Adventures in the American Southwest

After living in Tucson, Arizona for eleven years, it’s safe to say that Alan and I know active travel in the U.S. Southwest. We’ve four-wheeled in Canyon de Chelly, marveled at Monument Valley and walked in Arizona’s slot canyons, just to name a few adventures. You’re sure to find the right experience for you at adventures in the American Southwest.

Active Travel in Alaska

In our minds, Alaska is synonymous with adventure. And there are so many! Whether you’re exploring by land or on a cruise, our first-person articles will inspire your Alaska trip. Walk on a glacier, hike the trails, photograph icebergs, and more at active Travel in Alaska ideas.

Boomer Adventures in Hawaii

If you’re an active boomer looking for fun, you’ll find plenty of it in Hawaii. While lounging on the beach with a tropical drink in your hand is relaxing, Hawaii offers so much more. In between sun worshiping, plan an adventure from our list of first-hand reports at Boomer Adventures in Hawaii.

Active Travel in Canada

From the East coast to the West coast and in between, Canada offers countless opportunities for those who love active travel. Walk with wolves in Quebec, explore the Canadian Rockies, take a fall ferry ride in the Southern Gulf Islands, visit Gros Morne National Park and so much more.  Check out some of our favorite options for Active Travel in Canada.

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