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Active boomer travel ideas for your next trip

People in a zodiac photographing an iceberg on an active boomer travel adventure in Alaska.

Boomer travel (or senior travel) has certainly changed from the way our parents explored the world. Baby boomers look for active travel options that allow us to experience a destination rather than seeing it from a tour bus window.

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What do we mean by active boomer adventures?

Here at My Itchy Travel Feet, we consider any travel activity that gets your body moving to be active. Our active travel ideas include anything from moderate day hikes to challenging adventures. But, mostly, our first-person articles are about active travel experiences that are moderately easy to do.

Our boomer travel motto

Alan and I think think experiencing an activity that’s slightly challenging, or one that is new to us, is exhilarating. Our motto: we’ll try anything (within reason) once.

If we really love it, we’ll go back and do it again. Why not expand your horizons by trying some of our favorite active vacation ideas? And don’t worry, these are doable for most boomers.

Active Winter Travel

While some may prefer to toast away on any number of international beaches, we take advantage of any active winter travel opportunity that comes our way. From snowshoeing to cross country skiing, cold destination travel is empowering and exciting. And you don’t need to be a downhill skier to have fun! Click on Active Winter Travel to read more.

Hiking Around the World

Whether Alan and I are in New Zealand, cruising in Alaska or visiting a National Park, a good hike is one of our favorite ways to experience a destination. There’s nothing like putting your feet on the ground to learn about a place. Read about some of our favorite hikes from around the world (and those of our guest writers) by clicking on Hiking Around the World.

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Bicycling tours for boomers

A biking trip definitely qualifies as active travel. On a cycling tour, admire beautiful landscapes and history while a tour company provides the logistics. Explore by bicycle during the day, then fuel up with gourmet food and wine for the next day. Or explore a destination independently on day cycling adventures that you create. Read more about bicycling tours for boomers to see if this boomer travel adventure is for you.

City walking tours

Visiting a destination on foot is the very best way to get the feel of a place. Many cities, especially European ones, are easy to see on an independent tour. With a little research on what to see and do, active travelers can explore on their own. Our guest writers really know their stuff when it comes to creating independent walking tours. Read more at walking tours for boomer travelers.

Water Adventures for Baby Boomers

Water activities like fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, even paddleboarding, are easy and fun to do. Alan and I always include fun in the water on our active boomer trips. Read Water Adventures for Baby Boomers to see if our idea of boomer fun is right for you.

Air Adventures for the adventurous boomer

Exploring a place from overhead is one of our favorite ways to gain new travel perspective. Hot air balloons, float planes, and helicopter rides are great ways to explore. Or what about ziplining? We’ve included plenty of air adventures for your next active trip. Check them out at boomer adventures in the air.

Four Wheel Drive Adventures

4X4 trips are a wonderful way to add adventure to a trip. This type of active travel experience takes you to remote places that are hard to access. We love exploring on a four wheel drive trip in the U.S. or booking an exciting cruise excursion where someone else does the driving. Click on four wheel drive adventures to read more about our experiences.

Active travel in North America

Would you rather pick an active travel experience by the region of North America that you’re visiting? Although we haven’t experienced adventure everywhere, there are some regions where we—or our writers—have acquired extensive experience. Take a look!

Adventures in the American Southwest

After living in Tucson, Arizona for eleven years, it’s safe to say that Alan and I know active travel in the U.S. Southwest. We’ve four-wheeled in Canyon de Chelly, marveled at Monument Valley and walked in Arizona’s slot canyons, just to name a few adventures. You’re sure to find the right experience for you at adventures in the American Southwest.

Active Travel in Alaska

In our minds, Alaska is synonymous with adventure. And there are so many! Whether you’re exploring by land or on a cruise, our first-person articles will inspire your Alaska trip. Walk on a glacier, hike the trails, photograph icebergs, and more at active Travel in Alaska ideas.

Boomer Adventures in Hawaii

If you’re an active boomer looking for fun, you’ll find plenty of it in Hawaii. While lounging on the beach with a tropical drink in your hand is relaxing, Hawaii offers so much more. In between sun worshiping, plan an adventure from our list of first-hand reports at Boomer Adventures in Hawaii.

Active Travel in Canada

From the East coast to the West coast and in between, Canada offers countless opportunities for those who love active travel. Walk with wolves in Quebec, explore the Canadian Rockies, take a fall ferry ride in the Southern Gulf Islands, visit Gros Morne National Park and so much more.  Check out some of our favorite options for Active Travel in Canada.

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