Boomer Adventures in Hawaii

If you’re an active baby boomer looking for fun, you’ll find plenty of boomer adventures in Hawaii. While lounging on the beach with a tropical drink in your hand is relaxing, our active Hawaii travel ideas are a lot more fun.

In between sun worshiping, try one of our suggested active adventures in Hawaii. They’re based on first-hand travel experiences.

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Our favorite boomer adventures in Hawaii

Since Hawaii is filled with adventure, we’ve organized this page by island to make it easy to find an active travel experience for your next trip, no matter which island you visit. 

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Big Island Adventures

As anyone who has been there knows, Hawaii has got to be one of the best islands for active boomer travel. Beautiful expansive beaches, culinary excellence, cultural richness and jaw-dropping landscapes abound in Hawaii’s Big Island. Take a look at our personal experience traveling around Hawaii to plan your own amazing adventure!

Snorkeling on the Kona Coast

Hawaii offers many snorkeling opportunities, but we’re partial to snorkeling excursions leaving from Kona. Riding a zodiac to Kealakekua Bay is part of the fun. Whether you’re snorkeling in Hawaii as a cruise excursion or on an independent trip,   Snorkeling on the Kona Coast is worth your time away from lounging on the beach.

Hike to a Green Sand Beach

Hikin to the green sand beach, Papalokea, made us feel like we had come to the ends of the earth, or at least the southernmost end of the United States, which it is. Click on Hike to a Green Sand Beach to read more about this beautiful hike on an off-the-beaten-path Hawaiian adventure.

Waip’io Valley by Horseback

Doesn’t horseback riding in Hawaii sound romantic and adventuresome? We thought so. This ride takes you to remote valley on the Big Island that’s filled with history. Read more about our experiences by clicking on Waip’io Valley by Horseback.

Visit Place of Refuge

Don’t forget that experiencing Hawaiian culture is an adventure too. Spending a morning at Place of Refuge is well worth your time. Read more about our experience visiting Place of Refuge.

Touring Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

For visitors to Hawaii’s Big Island who’ve been there and done that, take a walk in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden near Hilo. Suzanne Fluhr takes us there:  Touring Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

Active Travel in Kauai

The travel adventures you’ll find on Kauai will keep you busy for days. The Garden Isle’s beautiful landscape and various possibilities for active travel are seemingly endless. For those looking for a little something special, try our suggestions for active travel in Kauai.

Tubing through Kauai’s History

Tubing along sugar plantation canals is one of our favorite things to do in Kaui? If you’re looking for a fun adventure for a multi-generational trip, why not try Tubing through Kauai’s history? It’s tame enough for most ages but packed with just enough adventure to make everyone smile.

Na Pali Coast on a Catamaran

One of the best ways to visit Na Pali, Kauai’s famous mountainous coast is from the water. Our catamaran adventure included snorkeling, exploring and a wild ride in the Hawaiian sun? We had a blast experiencing the Na Pali Coast on a catamaran.

Exploring Waimea Canyon

While not as large as the Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon offers waterfalls topped with tropical vegetation. Watch them stream down the canyon’s red walls from a series of walkways that overlook this iconic landscape. For some breath-taking scenery, try exploring Waimea Canyon.

Paddling, Hiking and Zipping through Kauai

Looking for a true Hawaii-style boomer adventure? Try an all-day paddling, hiking and zipping excursion. You really can do it all in Kauai. You’ll enjoy this easy-to-do active travel experience.

Boomer Adventures in Maui and Lanai

Although there may be many islands to hop while in Hawaii, make sure you take some time to explore marvelous Maui. Famous for luxury resorts (here are my recommendations for where to stay), Maui also provides plenty of adventure for the active boomer traveler. We’re including Lanai here because it’s a short ferry ride away. 

Maui Sunset Cruise

Combine a blazing ball of fire dipping into the sea with a relaxing ride on a catamaran and you have one of the best Maui experiences possible. Take a look at our tips for taking a Maui Sunset Cruise, available as an independent experience or on a cruise excursion.

Whale Watching

If you’re traveling to Maui in the winter, a whale watching trip is a must. Humpback whales winter here with peak viewing from mid-January to March. It’s a thrilling wildlife watching experience. Read about our Whale Watching trip.

Stand Up Paddleboarding on Maui

Would you like to learn how to stand up paddleboard? Maui is the perfect place. Stand Up Paddleboarding on Maui is a great way to see the island’s majestic beauty from the middle of the ocean! I’ll never forget an early morning paddleboarding in the Pacific Ocean.

Paragliding over Maui

Although Maui is full of extreme sport activities, I was thrilled to combine something daring with an opportunity to see the island from a whole new perspective. Paragliding over Maui wasn’t scary at all.

Helicopter Ride over Maui

Although Maui is chock full of breath-taking landscapes, seeing it from above offers a new perspective on the island’s natural beauty. Take a vicarious Helicopter Ride over Maui and Molokai with me.

Black lava rock and blue ocean is the prime scenery when you visit La Perouse Bay in Maui.

Exploring La Perouse Bay

When you’ve soaked up all of the rest and relaxation that a Maui resort provides, it’s time to go off-the-beaten-path on south Maui to explore La Perouse Bay.  If you’re looking for an adventuresome diversion that you can do independently, this is it!  Click through to read more about how to  Explore La Perouse Bay.

How to Take a Maui Ziplining Adventure

Active travel means many things to many people, but for those brave souls who are looking for thrilling adventures, ziplining could be your answer. Susan Guillory takes us flying over the forest on a Maui Ziplining Adventure .

Exploring Lanai on a Jeep Safari Cruise Excursion.

Exploring Lanai on a Jeep Safari Cruise Excursion

We’ve visited Maui a number of times, so on our recent cruise, we took the opportunity to visit Lanai, a former pineapple plantation. Take a look at our time Exploring Lanai on a Jeep Safari Cruise Excursion .

How do we plan our boomer adventures in Hawaii? Check out our Hawaii Travel Planner for the online sites, travel guides and products that we use for a trip to Hawaii.

Molokai Adventures

Looking for that authentically Hawaiian experience without all of the tourists? Moloka’i offers just the right balance of boomer activities and accommodations—mostly vacation rentals—without the suffocating masses. Take a look at some of our favorite Molokai memories below to plan your own adventure!

Road to the Halawa Valley

For an unforgettable road trip through the island, we recommend the road to the Halawa Valley. You’ll discover a coastline drive that’s every bit as beautiful as Maui’s Road to Hana. And the history at the end of the road is truly impressive.

Beach Hopping on Molokai

The first time we visited Molokai, Alan and I explored beaches on both the West and East sides of the island, but we didn’t have time to see all of them. So, when I returned years later, I made sure to do a little Beach Hopping on Molokai. Use this two-day itinerary to see them all.

Active Travel in Oahu

A trip to Oahu can prove that Hawaii is much more more than just sun and fun on Waikiki Beach. Visiting Pearl Harbor is a must. And book an excursion to explore the Mighty Mo if you ever have the chance. Our articles will also introduce you to temple watching and another scenic drive.

Visit Nu’uanu Pali on Oahu Island

One of the most popular and panoramic spots in Honolulu, Nu‘uanu Pali is one of the most scenic spots to check out the views of the eastern side of Oahu Island. Read all about this beautiful site by clicking on Visit Nu’uanu Pali on Oahu Island.

History is the adventure on Oahu

A visit to the Arizona Memorial is a small but memorable part of the historical experience at Pearl Harbor on Oahu. Whether arriving by cruise ship or visiting independently, Arizona Memorial is a must-see.

Byodo-in Temple on Oahu Island

One of the most unique places to visit on the windward side of Oahu Island is the Byodo-In Temple located at the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountains. Click more to read about the Byodo-in Temple on Oahu Island. in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.

Touring the Mighty Mo With Silversea Cruises

When the Silversea cruise ship, Silver Spirit, called on Honolulu, Hawaii, Alan joined the Silver Shore Collection excursion, Heart of the Missouri. Read his take on Touring the Mighty Mo With Silversea Cruises. He says it was amazing.

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