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Roadtripping from Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia

Over the last few months, NSW Australia resident and guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights has been sharing insider tips for planning various Australian road trips. Today, she’s taking us on an exciting baby boomer road trip from charming Adelaide to beautiful Melbourne. A road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne should only […]

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a curved rock jetty

Explore Australia on a Limestone Coast Road Trip

As a resident of NSW Australia, guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights has been sharing insider tips for exploring all of Australia. From beautiful Sydney and Melbourne to planning adventures in some of the country’s lesser known regions such as Adelaide, she’s given us plenty of travel ideas to consider. Today, Leslie […]

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Active Boomers Guide to Adelaide

Updated 02.15.2020: In this active boomers guide to Adelaide, Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights, a long-time resident of NSW Australia, shares her expert knowledge of the city. After covering Melbourne,  Sydney and Canberra for My Itchy Travel Feet, she’s back with an in-depth guide to Adelaide. Get ready for museum hopping, shopping, dining […]

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long plaza leading to a domed building

How to Plan a Self-guided Tour of Canberra

As a resident of NSW Australia, guest contributor Leslie Connor from Empty Nesters Travel Insights, knows quite a bit about exploring all that Australia has to offer. She’s already told us how to plan a fun road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, and shared tips for exploring beautiful Sydney and Melbourne. But, today, she’s taken us […]

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Active Boomers Guide to Melbourne

Australia has a number of cruise ports located in some truly wonderful cities, meaning its a great idea to tack on extra time either before or after your cruise to explore these vibrant cities. We’ve already shown you some tips for exploring beautiful Sydney, but now, we’re headed to Melbourne.  For those starting off or […]

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Sydney Opera House

Active Boomers Guide to Sydney

Australia is not only known for its beautiful beaches and stunning road trip opportunities (Check out our tips for driving from Sydney to Melbourne), but it also has some very popular cruise ports. For those starting off or ending their cruise in beautiful Sydney, taking a few days to explore the area is well worth […]

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What to see on a Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Australia is known for its laid back vibe and expansive beaches. And, of course, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is at the top of many boomer bucket lists. But there is so much more to see and do in this gorgeous corner of the world. To see the best of the best, a long, well-planned […]

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Ocean Walk Victoria

Australia Hiking for Boomers: The Great Ocean Walk Itinerary

At My Itchy Travel Feet, we feature hiking trails from around the world. Our boomer travel readers love active travel and when they can do it while enjoying stunning scenery, its all the much better. While we’ve shown you how to experience the Great Barrier Reef and where to find a Northwest Adventure in the Kimberley […]

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On an Ulva Island guided walk, a trail winds through the temperate rainforest bordered by lush ferns.

Exploring Ulva Island on a Silversea Cruise Excursion

Besides an Antarctica cruise or a journey to the Arctic Ice, an Ulva Island guided walk may be the closest Alan and I will get to the end of the world. As we stand on the beach, gazing at the scenic Pacific Ocean view, the guide tells us that if the water sweeps us away, […]

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