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You could travel for a lifetime and still not see all that the United States has to offer. With so many ways to experience America, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Our articles, based on first-person experiences, feature the best boomer travel adventures: road trip itineraries, national park adventures and historical explorations. We’re more into off-the-beaten-path and unique USA travel ideas than urban experiences, although you’ll find information on the big cities, too.

Have you considered a river cruise? It’s the up and coming way to explore, especially in the U.S. heartland. We also recommend putting your feet on the ground to experience the natural beauty of U.S. hiking trails.

Each region of the U.S. offers distinctive culture, food, geography, history and, most importantly, amazing people. Your inspiration for U.S. trips is only a click away.


If you’re looking for an active travel experience with stunning scenery that ranges from the desert to the mountains to the coast, a trip in the western U.S. won’t disappoint. Some of our favorites include four-wheeling in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, exploring the beaches of central Oregon and hiking in Western Montana.


With its slower pace of life, residents who speak in a soft drawl, and June nights that sparkle with fireflies, the South sort of sneaks up on you. Explore the Low Country, visit Great Smoky Mountain National Park, or take a fun road trip to Florida’s Key West.


Known for vibrant fall colors, captivating seacoasts and historical cities, boomers will find plenty to do in the Northeast U.S. Read our tips for taking a New England road trip, exploring the Maine Coast or waterfall watching in Pennsylvania.


Often referred to as flyover country, you’ll be making a mistake by ignoring the Midwest states. Explore Door County in Wisconsin, visit Michigan’s gorgeous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, or take a motorcycle trip to Mt. Rushmore. We’ll show you how.

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