Cruise Excursion Reviews

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If Alan and I counted up the number of cruise excursions that we’ve experienced, it would total into the hundreds. Good, bad, not so good, the best—booked with the cruise line or independently—our cruise excursion reviews give you an idea of what to expect.


These shore excursion reports are based on our first-hand travel experiences—boomer travelers who’ve been there, or those of hand-picked guest writers. We find that reading an account from someone who’s been there and done that is the glimpse we need when choosing what to do in port. You will, too!

Should you book shore excursions with the cruise line?

My answer is—that depends. There are some places in the world where I prefer that the cruise line be responsible for my tours, especially in third-world countries or off-the-beaten types of destinations.

In well-visited major ports, you may find a better deal by booking a tour on your own. Keep in mind that if you miss the ship, it’s your responsibility to get yourself to the next port.

If you prefer booking private shore excursions or group ones—but with a guide—we recommend checking out the shore excursions at Viator or the guided experiences at Get Your Guide. Both companies are good places to purchase skip-the-line tours if you are traveling independently.

Since January 2008, we’ve shared our cruise excursion experiences with you. And there are a lot more to come!

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A First-Hand Look at Cruise Excursions

Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey

Mediterranean Cruise Excursions

Mediterranean Cruise Excursions have come a long way since Alan and I first began cruising on small luxury ships. Experiences have progressed from city/bus tours to hikes, four-wheel-drive adventures, cooking classes and beyond. Of course much of the choice expansion is directly related to cruise lines extending Mediterranean cruise itineraries to smaller, more off-the-beaten-path ports. […]

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LeConte Glacier in Southeast Alaska

Best Alaska Cruise Excursions for Boomer Travelers

Going on a cruise in Alaska? You’re in for a treat, especially if you love the outdoors. Alaska cruise excursions offer something for everyone—hikers, wildlife watchers, kayakers, photographers and more.  Active boomer travelers will especially enjoy the many shore excursions in Alaska that allow you to turn a favorite activity into something unique. How often […]

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Maui sunset cruise

Cruise Excursions in Hawaii

Cruise excursions in Hawaii come in all sizes, shapes and ability levels. We’ve traveled many times on South Pacific cruises that call on Hawaii. Our first-hand travel articles will introduce you to cruise excursions like snorkeling in Cook’s Bay, whale watching in Maui or touring the Mighty Mo at Pearl Harbor, Oahu. Cruise excursions in […]

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Swimming with stingrays in Moorea

South Pacific cruise excursions

South Pacific cruise excursions mean azure blue waters, plentiful snorkeling opportunities and unique cultural experiences. Alan and I have crossed the South Pacific six times sampling what the region has to offer. It’s one of our favorite cruising itineraries. We KNOW active boomer fun in the South Pacific. Since cruising the South Pacific is our […]

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peace statue in Nagasaki

Asia Cruise Excursions

The best Asia Cruise Excursions for boomer travelers Extremely popular with cruisers, Asia cruise itineraries offer glimpses of exotic cultures, steamy landscapes and unique wildlife watching opportunities. Our first-hand reviews of Asia cruise excursions will help make the most of your trip. Some of the links on this page are referral links. Read our Disclosure. […]

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South America Cruise Excursions

On South America cruise excursions, you’ll discover the wonders of a vast continent. From the Carnival Museum in Rio de Janeiro to the colonial city of Cartagena, Colombia to the natural wonders of Chile and Argentina—there’s something for everyone. We have many more South America cruise excursion reviews to add. Subscribe to the My Itchy […]

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Splendid Herdal Mountain Farm

Norway Cruise Excursions

Norway cruise excursions offer a scenic, historic look at this beautiful country. Of course you’ll find plenty of active boomer travel ideas, too.  We have many more Norway shore excursion reviews to add. Subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet Weekly Broadcast so you’ll be the first to know when they’re published. Norway Cruise Excursions […]

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nambia cruise excursion

Cruising to Namibia

Cruise ships don’t often stop in Walvis Bay, Namibia. But when they do, baby boomer travelers experience a very different landscape than what most of them see at home. Excursions usually involve desert adventures, a visit to the colonial town of Swakopmund, birding tours, township and diamond mine visits or flight-seeing along the Skeleton Coast […]

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St Helena

Stopping by St. Helena

There are some places in the world, you should see just once. So it is with St. Helena. Baby boomer travelers don’t exactly “stop by” in hopes of touring St. Helena. The rocky island fortress, once Napoleon’s prison, sits all alone in the South Atlantic. At the time Alan and I visited, there was no airport, […]

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Mt Cargill walk in Dunedin, NZ

Mt Cargill Walk in Dunedin: A Hiking Cruise Excursion

Mt Cargill Walk in Dunedin: A Hiking Cruise Excursion Updated: 07.01.2018 On long cruises with lots of sea days, Alan and I are always happy to put our feet on the ground once the ship is in port. Booking a cruise excursion that includes time in nature is even better. And that’s exactly what we did when […]

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On an Ulva Island guided walk, a trail winds through the temperate rainforest bordered by lush ferns.

Exploring Ulva Island on a Silversea Cruise Excursion

Updated 02.08.2020:  Besides an Antarctica cruise, an Ulva Island guided walk may be the closest Alan and I will get to the end of the world. As we stand on the beach, gazing at the scenic Pacific Ocean view, the guide tells us that if the water sweeps us away, Antarctica will be our next […]

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Cruise Bus Excursions

Nine Tips for Surviving a Cruise Bus Excursion

Surviving a Cruise Bus Excursion Updated: 10.04.2017 If you’re a baby boomer who enjoys cruising, then sooner or later you’ll find yourself on a cruise bus excursion where group dynamics have turned an interesting trip into an ordeal. Alan and I have survived a few, like this cruise bus excursion in Norway where everything that could […]

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