Mediterranean Cruise Excursions

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Mediterranean Cruise Excursions have come a long way since Alan and I first began cruising on small luxury ships. Experiences have progressed from city/bus tours to hikes, four-wheel-drive adventures, cooking classes and beyond. Of course much of the choice expansion is directly related to cruise lines extending Mediterranean cruise itineraries to smaller, more off-the-beaten-path ports.

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Mediterranean Cruise Excursions for Boomers

From southern Italy to the furthest point of Portugal (technically the Atlantic rather than Mediterranean)—and everything in between—we have had some amazing experiences in the Med. Most of the activities documented were purchased through the cruise line.

If you’re an independent traveler, use our experiences to create your own adventure in port. We’ve divided them by country to make research easier for you.

Spain Shore Excursions

Spain is a fantastic destination that offers a little something for every type of traveler. If you’re planning a Mediterranean cruise that includes Spain ports of call, there are countless options for boomer adventures.

From expansive beaches and historic city tours to Roman ruins, take a look at a few of our favorite Spain shore excursions! Would your rather explore Spain on a land adventure? Our Spain Travel Planner is the place to start.

Pink buildings of the monastery surrounded by rock-topped mountains at Montserrat, Spain.

And the Angels Sang on Montserrat

When it comes to Spanish ports on a Mediterranean cruise, Barcelona is the queen. From history to culture to architecture, there are so many shore excursions in Barcelona to choose from that it’s hard to know which one to do first. But after you’ve explored the Jewish Quarter, gawked at the amazing the Sagrada Famlia, and walked La Rambla, it’s time to expand your horizons! Our advice? Get out of town on a cruise excursion to Montserrat. You’ll enjoy a beautiful day filled with mountainous scenery, and, if you’re lucky, angelic voices. Click on And the Angels Sang on Montserrat to read more about our favorite Barcelona shore excursion.

Cadiz Walking Tour

Cadiz, on the Atlantic side of Spain, is becoming increasingly popular as a cruise port in Spain. When Silver Wind called on Cadiz, we joined a shore excursion to explore Spanish history. Did you know that many of the explorers to the New World began their journey from Cadiz? We were met at the port by two guides dressed in traditional Andalusian fashion from the year 1812. Not only did we learn about fascinating times in Cadiz, but one of the guides sang Faldo to us as we strolled a tree-lined promenade by the sea. Take a look at our time on a wonderful, historic Cadiz Walking Tour.

Prefer a guided tour experience? Book your Spain cruise excursions at Get Your Guide.

Grey, stone columns (pre-historic Talus) punctuate a blue sky on a Spain shore excursion in Menorca.

4 Hours in Menorca

Menorca is one of the beautiful islands that make up Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Not only does it offer incredible beaches, but years of history as well. If you enjoy a shore excursion that mixes pre-historic history with drinks in a cave overlooking the sea, you’ll want to read all about our 4 Hours in Menorca

Architectural sign overlooking the domes and roofs in Cartagena, Spain.

On Our Own in Cartagena, Spain

If you’re looking for what to do in Cartagena, try a self-guided walking tour. During a Silversea Mediterranean cruise and Atlantic crossing, we ended up creating a Cartagena walking tour that suited our needs for strolling, exploring and relaxing in this beautiful Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast. Use the advice in On Our Own in Cartagena, Spain to plan your Cartagena cruise excursion.

Explore history on Sicily shore excursions

The next time you cruise the Mediterranean, I highly recommend picking an itinerary that includes as many ports in Sicily as you can find. Sicily’s archaeological sites are just as compelling as anything you will find in Greece—without the huge crowds. 

A Magical Cruise Excursion in Selinunte, Sicily

Imagine columns from the ruins of a Greek temple standing amid fields of wildflowers on a perfect spring day. Read all about our recent Magical Cruise Excursion in Selinunte, Sicily.

Exploring Greek and Roman history on a Syracuse shore excursion

On our recent Silver Wind spring cruise through the Mediterranean, we hit the historical jackpot while visiting Sicily. Take a look at our time Exploring Greek and Roman history on a Syracuse shore excursion.

Funchal, Madeira is not in the Mediterranean

Even though the Portugese island of Madeira is actually in the Atlantic, not the Mediterranean, Funchal cruise excursions are going to live on this page. Check them out. You’ll discover some unexpected active experiences.

Walking the Levada in Funchal

It’s always a good idea to get out and appreciate nature when on a long cruise. Find out how we stretched our legs while Walking the Levada in Funchal.

Four Wheel Drive Fun in Funchal

If you’re cruising on an Atlantic crossing, Funchal, Madeira is often the first or last port stop, depending on if you’re coming or going. This beautiful area has plenty of options for active travel including hiking, trekking or horseback riding, not to mention water sports. Click on: Four Wheel Drive Fun in Funchal to read more about our experience.

A potpourri of Mediterranean Cruise Excursions

From Sardinia to Cote d’Azur, enjoy this eclectic selection of shore excursions in the Mediterranean—and slightly beyond.

Exploring Ephesus on a Royal Princess Cruise Excursion

While many excursions allow cruisers to enjoy a bit of history while off the ship, exploring Ephesus’ history is an excursion that could take days if not weeks. Click on: Exploring Ephesus on a Royal Princess Cruise Excursion to read more about our experience.

Exploring the Ancient City of Nora, Sardinia

On a spring visit to Sardinia, Italy, we spent a beautiful sunny day walking through the historic footsteps of the Phoenicians and Romans at the Ancient City of Nora, Sardinia.

Exploring the Cote d’Azur

On a Seabourn Sojourn cruise from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale, Alan and I choose the ship’s cruise excursion to Èze and Villa de Rothschild. Click on: Exploring the Cote d’Azur on a Seabourn Cruise Excursion to read more about our experience.

Exploring Lisbon on a Seabourn Cruise Excursion

Yes, we know that Lisbon is located on the Atlantic Ocean, rather than in the Med. But the Portuguese city is often included on Mediterranean cruise itineraries. Lisbon’s pastel colored buildings perched on hillsides overlooking the port were just calling our names when Seabourn Sojourn pulled into port. Not wanting to miss a thing, we tried to explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful coastal city in the short amount of time allotted to us. Click on: Exploring Lisbon in a day to read more about our experience.

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