Themed Trips for the Active Boomer Traveler

Where are you going next? How about a themed trip?

Are you looking for somewhere to go? With a world of adventure to choose from, choosing a trip can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry! Researching your next boomer trip just became a lot easier. We’ve curated the best content at My Itchy Travel Feet for theme based travel. 

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Choose from active travel, boomer road trips, bucket list trips, cruise excursions, luxury cruise reviews, national park adventures, off-the-beaten-path travel, romantic getaways or small group tours. Our travel articles are all based upon our personal travel experiences or those of guest writers. If you’re in search of themed travel ideas, this collection of experiences is for you.

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Active Travel for baby boomers

When it comes to travel, boomers don’t like sitting on a bus looking out the window as the sights go by. We want to experience a place on a travel adventure that fits our abilities. Of course choosing an activity that’s slightly challenging, or one that is new to us, is exhilarating. Our motto: we’ll try anything (within reason) once. Discover itineraries that include hiking, kayaking, bicycling, four-wheeling, along with many other travel activities that boomers can do. Read more.  

Boomer Road Trips

Road trips offer the freedom of choosing when and where you want to go plus how long you’d like to stay in one area. Alan, especially, is a huge road trip enthusiast. He’s great at finding routes and planning the itinerary. Then he hands the information over to Donna so that she can refine the plan. Along with select guest writers, we’ve written about road trip adventures in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. To get your road trip inspiration, read more.

Bucket List Trips

Trips of a lifetime, bucket list trips, dream trips—no matter what you call them, we think keeping a list of travel destinations that we want to experience inspires and encourages us to travel even more. Everyone’s bucket list is unique. Ours involves off-the-beaten path destinations, places we’ve never been (or want to visit again), and special experiences like walking with penguins in Antarctica. We’re not into continent or country counting. Our list is about what we’d like to do in the time we still have left to travel. Our bucket list experiences might inspire yours. Read more.

Cruise Excursions

Cruise excursions often get a bad wrap as travel experiences that barely skim the surface of a destination. And, sometimes, that’s true. However, since we began luxury cruising in 2001, the quality of excursions has definitely improved. These days, it’s easy to find cruise excursions involving active travel experiences like hiking or kayaking, plus in-depth cultural adventures. If Alan and I counted up the number of cruise excursions that we’ve experienced, it would total into the hundreds. Our first-hand reports from around the world give you an idea of what to expect. Read more.

Luxury Cruise Reviews

With 400+ nights onboard small luxury cruise ships, it’s fair to say that we KNOW the luxury cruising industry. During the last twenty years, Alan and I have observed the tremendous changes in cruising, especially luxury cruises. We’ve experienced larger cabins, a more refined dining experience, itineraries that travel to unique destinations around the world plus fun, active cruise excursions. Although we have our favorite itineraries—that would be the South Pacific—our nights at sea have brought us to ports in the Mediterranean, Baltic, Scandinavia, Africa, South America, Asia, Alaska, Hawaii, the Arctic and Antarctica. And then there are the river cruises experienced by us and guest writers. Discover your next cruise through our up-to-date articles. Read more.

National Park Adventures

U.S. National Parks have always been popular destinations for boomer travelers. And, now, it seems, the rest of the travel world is discovering the beauty and adventure U.S. National Parks provide. Our articles feature fun, active travel experiences like hiking and kayaking. But we also show you where to take the best photos, the most beautiful scenic drives, and spots for nature watching. Of course, you’ll want to read our advice on how to avoid the crowds, the best times to visit and off-the-beaten-path parks that might not be on your travel radar. Read more

Off-the-beaten-path Travel

Alan and I like nothing better than to travel to a little-known destination. It feels like we’re making a discovery that no one else knows about. In this age of overcrowded, over-hyped travel destinations, we’ll show you uncrowded places to visit. We include why you should go, how to get there, where to stay, and what to see and do when you arrive. And if that formerly off-the-beaten-path place has suddenly become popular, we’ll show you secret places that the crowds might not know about. Whether you’re exploring by cruise ship or by car, our articles—and those of guest writers—will take you to destinations that are off-the-tourist-path. Discover new places to go. Read more.

Romantic Getaways

If you’re a boomer couple looking for a romantic getaway, keep reading. We’ll show you romantic inns, unique bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels and resorts. We look for small, intimate places that offer unique experiences in beautiful destinations. From weekend getaways to international destinations, there’s nothing like a romantic getaway to rejuvenate a relationship. Does that sound like your kind of trip? Read more.

Small Group Tours

Is a group tour for you? We think so if the size is small, the itinerary is appealing, and active travel experiences are included. Boomers may be known as individualists but there are benefits to traveling with a quality company that handles all the details of a trip. Traveling in a group can be fun and enlightening. Add in a favorite hobby or activity and you’ll enjoy a memorable travel experience. Along with guest writers, we’re sharing our group tour trips so that you’ll know what to expect. Read more.

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