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We’ve arranged our travel articles by continent, with separate pages for USA travel and European adventures. You can even drill down by country or state. And, since Alan and I have cruised so many nights in the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find selections for South Pacific and North Pacific.

 Find the inspiration and information you need for planning that next boomer travel adventure.

United States

Discover US travel adventures ranging from road trips to off-the-beaten-path destinations.  We’ve divided our US articles by region making it easy for you to plan your next USA trip.

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Exotic, wild, cultural. A trip to Africa is a feast for the senses. Read about safari adventures, gorilla watching and more.

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Worthy of any travel bucket list, Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime. Read about the majesty and stunning beauty of the world’s southernmost continent.

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From diverse culture to steamy landscapes to thousands of years of history, a trip to Asia offers big experiences. Check out our ideas for what to do.

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Our articles feature the best boomer travel in Europe. We’ve grouped them by region to make it easy for you to find what you need.

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North America

North America is much more than the United States. Read our trip advice for traveling to Canada, Mexico and Central America.

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North Pacific

Islands in the North Pacific are about as remote as you can get. Want to go there? See how we did it.

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Are you planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand? Click on through for ideas on what to see and do.

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South America

Boomers looking for active travel adventure will want to add South America to their wish list. We have ideas for you. Check them out!

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South Pacific

We’ve cruised the South Pacific six times! It remains one of our favorite destinations. Our first-person articles, will inspire your own tropical adventure.

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South Atlantic

Some of the most remote islands in the world are located in the South Atlantic. And we’ve visited them. Read why you should explore them, too.

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