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Alan and I think planning for a trip is almost as much fun as taking it, especially if you know the right resources to consult. We’re both planners and it’s not unusual for us to be working on a trip months — sometimes even a year or two — in advance. Although some of our trips are sponsored, many of our journeys are personal trips that require lots of planning on our part. We’d like to share our advice with you as well as the boomer travel resources that we use. Check back often as we’re always learning something new.

Cold Weather Gear

Packing for cold destinations isn’t hard if you follow our advice. The trick to winter travel preparation is to take a few key items of clothing that are durable, weather appropriate but don’t take up too much space. In a word, layer!


Cruise Gear

With over 300 nights onboard ship, we’re experts at packing for cruises. Check out our “must bring” items for your next cruise.


Hiking Gear

Hikers are a dedicated bunch and hiking travelers have a special advantage of seeing the world from very unique perspectives. If you like to trek, whether at home or on the road, you know that the right equipment can make or break an excursion through some of the world’s great outdoors. Use our list of recommended hiking gear to perfect your trekking style!


Packing Gear

Choosing the right packing gear is essential to any trip. Take a look at some of our favorite packing items that keep our own travels organized.


Road Trip Gear

Boomers love road trips. Check out the books, guides and gear that we use to hit the road.


Travel Books

Online research is great. But sometimes you need to hold that travel book in your hands. Over the years, we’ve discovered travel books that informed and entertained us. Here are a few of our favorites.


Travel Electronic Gear

Are you lost without technology while traveling? Technology has come a very long way in a short amount of time and although an off-grid break is always a good idea once in a while, today’s gadgets play an imperative role in meeting our travel needs. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Travel Photography Gear

For any level photographer, the right gear is a great way to bring your travel memories to life. Check out a few of our favorite cameras and accessories that we bring along on our trips.


Adult Coloring

Adult coloring offers relaxation and stress relief. And it’s a hobby that you can take on the road. Donna does! Check out the coloring books and supplies that she brings with her. Stranded in the airport on a long delay? Color the stress away.


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