Cold Weather Gear That’s Easy on Your Boomer Budget

Cold weather gear that’s easy on the budget and packs light

Winter travel can be an exciting way to see some beautiful destinations that really shine under a blanket of fluffy white snow. From cross-country skiing to snowshoeing to visiting a luxurious Montana dude ranch, there are so many options.

Planning and packing for a cold weather trip can be a bit daunting, especially if you only travel to winter destinations every couple of years. Who wants to spend lots of money on items that sit in your closet or garage most of the time?

We’re here to help! Take a look at our personally-recommended cold weather gear that not only keeps you warm, but also packs light! Or, in the case of your vehicle, keeps you safely on the road.

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Cold Weather Gear for Women

For those winter–loving boomer women, proper travel gear is a must for a comfortable outdoor adventure. Click on our list of Cold Weather Gear for Women for Donna’s recommendations for winter travel clothing and products. These are the items that she uses on her travel adventures. Look good, pack light, stay warm without busting the budget.

Cold Weather Gear for Men

While men may have a reputation for being tough guys on the extreme temps road, even the toughest can break when their little toesies are frozen. Click on our list of Cold Weather Gear for Men to find some great winter travel products.

Alan’s DIY Winter Driving Kit

We’ve often talked about our love of winter travel, but that doesn’t mean we’re free from the hurdles that come from driving during winter weather. With plenty of experience in driving in inclement weather, Alan has put together some tips on creating your own DIY Winter Driving Kit.

 Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

Planning a wintertime adventure? To ensure a beautiful and efficient cold weather trip, take a look at our list of Top Five Apps for Winter Travel.

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