Cruise Excursions

Updated 10.01.2018:  If Alan and I counted up the number of cruise excursions that we’ve experienced, it would total into the hundreds. Good, bad, not so good, the best—booked with the cruise line or independently—our first-hand reports give you an idea of what to expect.

A first-hand look at cruise excursions

These shore excursion reports are based on our first-hand travel experiences—boomer travelers who’ve been there, or those of hand-picked guest writers. We find that reading an account from someone who’s been there and done that is the glimpse we need when choosing what to do in port. You will, too!

Since January 2013 (and before), we’ve been sharing our cruise excursion experiences. And there are a lot more to come!

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Mediterranean Cruise Excursions

Anyone who loves a bit of paradise will fare well on any type of Mediterranean cruise. However, many times it’s been the excursions out of the boat that have given us some of our most spectacular travel memories. Read about our experience by clicking on: Mediterranean Cruise Excursions.

Alaska Cruise Excursions

Going on a cruise in Alaska? You’re in for a treat, especially if you love the outdoors. We’ve experienced cruise excursions on both mainstream and adventure cruises in Alaska. Be sure to read our advice before planning your time in “The Last Frontier.” To read more, click on Alaska Cruise Excursions.

European River Cruise Excursions

If you’re planning a European river cruise soon, make sure to take a look at some our favorite European River Cruise Excursions.

Cruise Excursions in Hawaii

On a cruise through the Hawaiian Islands, discover snorkeling, history and more. To read about our experiences, click on: Cruise excursions in Hawaii

Cruise excursions in South America

You’ll find plenty to explore in South America. From the Carnival Museum in Rio de Janeiro to the colonial city of Cartagena, Colombia to the natural wonders of Chile and Argentina—there’s something for everyone. Read more about our experience by clicking on Cruise Excursions in South America.

South Pacific cruise excursions

Azure blue waters, plentiful snorkeling opportunities and unique cultural experiences are part of a South Pacific cruise excursion. Alan and I have crossed the South Pacific three times sampling what the region has to offer. It’s one of our favorite cruising itineraries. To read more about our experiences, click on: South Pacific cruise excursions.

Cruise Excursions in Norway

Are you looking for scenic, historic and adventuresome? You’ll find plenty of active boomer travel ideas on cruise excursions in Norway. Click on: Cruise Excursions in Norway to learn more.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane

In Brisbane, a cruise excursion to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary gave us the chance to photograph the sleepy marsupials. To read more about our experience, click on cruise excursion to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Panama Canal Transit

Cruising through the Panama Canal is usually accompanied by information from expert local commentators and a party up on deck. To read more about our experience, click on Panama Canal Transit.

Asia Cruise Excursions

Asia offers glimpses of exotic cultures, steamy landscapes and unique wildlife watching opportunities. Our first-hand reviews of Asia cruise excursions will help make the most of your trip. Click on Asia Cruise Excursions to read more about our experiences.

Cruising to Namibia

When Alan and I stopped in Walvis Bay on our cruise from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, we chose the Treasures of the Namib Desert excursion. Read about our experience clicking on Cruising to Namibia.

Stopping by St. Helena

Baby boomer travelers don’t exactly “stop by” St. Helena, but we were lucky to do so on our cruise. Read about our experience by clicking on Stopping by St. Helena.

Mt Cargill Walk in Dunedin

On long cruises with lots of sea days, Alan and I are always happy to put our feet on the ground once the ship is in port and a great hike in New Zealand was just the sea break we needed on our 64-day South Pacific cruise. To read about our experience, click on Mt Cargill Walk in Dunedin.

Exploring Ulva Island on a Silversea Cruise Excursion

Apart from an Antarctica cruise, a trip to Ulva Island may be the closest Alan and I will get to the end of the world. Read all about our time Exploring Ulva Island on a Silversea Cruise Excursion

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